Ozone Sauna

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Ozone Sauna

I've tested this portable sauna to make sure it's ozone resistant and it is. It has a hole that can be fed hot moist air via the supplied hot water vapor machine (digital / remote) but ….that same hole can be used to feed ozone into this portable sauna for ozone saunas. I recommend our 1000 mg/h ozonator for use with this tent. 

In order to keep from breathing the ozone, we recommend cutting a small hole in the upper part of the tent (detailed instructions provided) and attaching a 1/2" tube that will carry away any excess ozone before it seeps out of the 'head hole.'  Since ozone is heavier than air, what comes out of the top part will be mostly air, but if the ozone does build up too much pressure, it can safely exit that exhaust tube. That's what I figured out while using this same product for use as an ozone sauna. That exhaust idea worked great! Ozone was exhausted right out the window and I was able to enjoy long periods of ozone saturate though my skin with great results. 

Your purchase also includes the chair and everything in the picture, as well as free shipping anywhere in the USA. 


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