Ozone Air Purifier. 0-10,000 mg/h. Repeat Cycle Timer Included.

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Ozone Air Purifier. 0-10,000 mg/h. Repeat Cycle Timer Included.

Do you have a kitty litter room that always stinks? How about a doggy pad area that makes the whole house smell like dog? Then this is the air purifier for you! 

This ozone air purifier can be precisely set to emit just the right amount of ozone to get rid of ongoing odors.  The timer allows you to have it cut on for x amount of seconds ever x amount of minutes. For instance, in a large living area, if you run it for 5 second on ever 3 minutes, it will keep the air smelling nice and fresh (about .02 ppm, well below the .1 ppm guideline set by the EPA) At .02 ppm, you will get the same ozone concentration you experience at the beach or in the mountains. Ahhh, fresh air! 

COOL-TEC DESIGN.  Having the fan bear down on the back side of the ozone plate and remain always on while the transformer cuts on and off allows the plate to stay cooler than any other ozone generator on the market. It's our exclusive design. What's the big deal about keeping the ozone plate cool?  Heat destroys ozone and create Nox, the "burnt ozone" smell you get with other ozone generators. We figured out how to prevent this, and we call it Cool-Tec. 

The great thing about this ozone air purifier is the adjustability feature. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to ozone. Being able to experiment with the amount ozone production it takes to keep your area fresh (which is determined by the amount of odors in the air) allows you to create the perfect indoor air environment for you and your family. 

Shipping is included to anywhere in the USA. What is included?  The 10,000 mg/h Cool-Tec ozone generator, one ozone plate, one power cord, and one Repeat Cycle Timer ($30 value). 


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