Foreverozone 1000 mg/h water ozonator

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Medical Grade 1000 mg/h Water and Oil Ozonator / No Pump

NOTE: Does not include oxygen concentrator or air pump. 

This 1000 mg/h medical grade ozonator needs to be used with an oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank, or air pump. (non included)  At 1 LMP ozone, this ozone generator produces 26 gamma (ug/ml) of ozone.  At 1/2 LPM ozone, 52 gamma. If you need to produce higher concentrations, you can go even lower but it's not recommended to exceed 80 gamma for insufflations. The manual has more information. 

What makes this ozone generator "medical grade"? The glass ozone tube (wrapped in black tape) with ABS ozone resistant nipples, the food grade silicone tubing, and the glass bubbler with a lifetime warranty made in the USA with only ozone resistant materials. When fed oxygen from the oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank, it can create what they call "medical grade" ozone. 

We like to design and make things that last a lifetime, and that's the inspiration behind all Forever Ozone. This unit is no different. The ozone tube and transformer have a lifetime warranty.  The module is simple to switch out and only cost $25 (sits on a piece of acrylic attached to the bottom of  unit) Just unplug the wires and replace down the road, no need for soldering or paying $100 to ship it back and forth.  

We also like the storage compartment above the unit that allows us to hold the silicone tubing and the glass stones. Since this unit has a fan to keep the transformer and ozone tube cool, it can be run for hours on end, making it the perfect ozone generator to make ozonated oil. We do not recommend this unit for outdoor use however, as high humidity restricts ozone production and damages the ozone tube over time. 

The OG-1000 is an excellent investment given all of the health-promoting things you can accomplish with ozonated water and oil. 

Included are 5 feet of silicone tubing and one glass (silica) bubbler with ozone resistant barbs (made in the USA - lifetime warranty) 


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