Foreverozone OG-7000 "Retro Style" Ozone Generator / Timer
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Forever Ozone OG-7000 "Retro Style" Ozone Generator / Timer

Due to popular demand, we're bringing back our dual transformer/fan OG-7000.

The beautiful thing about this dual transformer ozone generator is that if one transformer fails, you're still in business! It also ships with a 24 hour 30-minute interval timer so that you can have it cut on and off for 30-minute intervals at the time of day of your choosing (while you're away) to keep your air sanitized and parasite - pathogen free. 

Before I got involved with ozone, I make a good living selling air purifiers in Las Vegas. However, the more I learned about air purifiers, the more I learned that they were a rip-off and I could no longer continue selling them. I discovered that a cheap $5 MERV 11 furnace filter removed more dust than a $1000 IQ air purifier that didn't even get rid of the things in the air that cause illness.  (bacteria, viruses, molds, mites and their droppings)  I was getting feedback from customers that doing an ozone shock treatment is what got rid of their allergies, and I started to look into ozone generators which lead to my discovery that they were way overpriced (back then). I began Forever Ozone to bring down the price by making ozone generators without the bells and whistles with a made in the USA machine that also offered excellent customer support. Never been happier! I can look at myself in the mirror and know I'm selling a product that can positively impact my customers' price at the lowest price possible.

If you suffer from allergies, do yourself a favor. Take our "Forever Ozone challenge." Do a shock treatment with ANY of our ozone generators, and I dare you to say that you don't notice a reduction (or elimination) of your allergy symptoms! I 100% guarantee you will or your money back! Simple as that. I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Your move.

Warranty: 5 years parts and labor.


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