Foreverzone Cool-Tec 10,000 mgh ozone generator
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Forever Ozone "Cool-Tec" 10,000 mgh Shock Treatment Ozone Generator / Timer

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The Forever Ozone 10g Cool-Tech ozone generator is our best multi-use (home or car) ozone generator.  The design and timer translate into more cooling of the ozone plates.  The colder the ozone plates remain, the more ozone production and less NOx production (the burnt ozone smell you get after using hot running ozone plates)  We highly recommend this unit for ozone shock treatments in the 60-80 degree temperature range.  You can get away with warm running ozone plates if you perform a shock treatment in the 40-50 degree range, but not average indoor temperatures.  

The unique design of this unit has the fan bearing down on the top side of the dual-sided ozone plate from less than one inch away while the air rushes past the bottom side of the ozone plate as it exits the unit. Trial and error revealed this is the most efficient way to cool both sides of an ozone plate, so we are patenting this design element.

When you have air pass over both sides of a plate at the same time, planing over both sides if you will, it doesn't create enough friction to cool the ozone plate very well.  Having the air hit from on top at a very close proximity and escape from the bottom via a small clearance is the only way to cool both sides efficiently. This unit is also pretty compact and durable. It sits on a 1/4" of plexiglass and has an easy-access stainless steel fan guard to guard the ozone plate.

Another unique feature of this ozone generator is the timer.  The fan remains cooling the ozone plates at all time, but the timer turns the ozone plate off every 20 seconds to allow it to cool back down.  We found this is the only way to keep the ozone plate from getting hotter than 100 degrees.  By preventing the ozone plate from getting too hot, this unit can run for hours on end.  It will produce a sweeter, fresher smelling ozone than other ozone generators on the market.     

Why is it a great idea to perform regular ozone shock treatments?

  • Sanitize your air. Everyone sheds pounds of dead skin a year, and guess what feeds of dead skin? Tiny parasitic mites! Those disgusting little creatures wreak havoc on your health (their feces become airborne), and some types of mites also bite and cause significant skin issues. Daily ozone shock treatments will keep your home mite free and neutralize their droppings.
  • Kill surface molds, viruses, bacteria.
  • Break down air pollution. I got into the ozone business when I discovered 20 years ago that our military was adding exotic nanometals into jet fuel for god knows what reason, but I knew I didn’t want to breathe those metals that are so small they pass through the blood-brain barrier! Ozone quickly oxidizes nano metals and breaks down all air pollution, even off-gassing from new home materials and other household chemicals. (VOC’s)

We do offer this unit in 220V upon request or when ordered in countries that use 220V, but 110V is standard. Free 2 day S&H is provided to all US locations.


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