80,000 MGH Commercial Ozone Generator
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80,000 MGH Commercial Ozone Generator

NOTE: Ships April 23rd. 

Purchasing this product subjects you to our terms of service. Basically, you are acting as a contractor or manufacturer in the eyes of the law and affirming that you will attach these ballasts to a fan for proper cooling. You also affirm that you have the mental capacity to use this product as intended and will adhere to the instruction manual. This is a commercial ozone generator intended for contractors knowledgeable with ozone shock treatments. 

New for 2019, our Commercial Ozone Generators feature metal fans that can pivot to blow ozone straight up towards the roof.  Why is this important?  Our tests show that blowing the ozone towards the roof at a high CFM  is the ONLY way to reach high concentrations of ozone.  The ozone hits the roof and pushes the non-ozonated air down to the ground level where it will can then be ozonated by the EIGHT 10g ozone plates features in this unit.

The 24" 4000 CFM metal fan that comes with your purchase includes a 2 year warranty from Home Depot.  If the fan craps out within 2 years, just bring it in to a local Home Depot for a free replacement! 

This Commercial Ozone Generator comes with eight 90W ballasts that powers eight of our "next gen" ozone generator plates that last over 20,000 hours, a vast improvement over previous ozone generator plate technology. If one of these ballasts craps out, you're still in business. Just send it in for a free replacement, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

Easy Set-up:  The eight ballasts are attached to the fan via zip-ties (supplied).  We also include black zip-ties for cord management. It only takes about 20 minutes to set-up this machine for operation.  (The fan ships separate) 

Included:  24" Commercial Metal Fan / 2 Yr Warranty from Home Depot, Eight 10g Ballast and Ozone Plates, 8 Heavy Duty 18 AWG Power Cords, 2- Surge Protectors, 24 Hour 30 Minute Interval Timer, Zip-Ties, Instruction Manual

Heat test that shows that the ozone producing side of our ozone generator plates stay under 80 degrees. All other ozone generators on the market allow the air to pass over both sides of the ozone plate which allows the ozone plate to reach temperatures of over 140 degrees. 


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