Low Cost VOC / Mold Air Purifier Solution
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Low Cost VOC / Mold Air Purifier Solution

The Forever Ozone Low Cost VOC / Mold Removal Air Purifier Solution consists of a 20" 3 speed box fan with an extended 3 year warranty, 2 carbon pre-filters, a UVC lamp surrounded by a high tech nano Tio2 mesh filter that creates hydroxyl radicals , a 10,000 mg/h ozone generator, and a repeat cycle timer.  The UV lamp is placed in front of the unit so that the oxidizers are released into the air. These oxidizers are said to assist with VOC's and airborne mold, but they alone can't get the job done. You need the air churning 2400 CFM fan to filter the air (and capture mold in the filter) .

Here is the concept. You need carbon to absorb VOC's. You need ozone to break down the VOC's and get them to off-gas into the air so that they can be broken down and flushed out of the house. You need the UVC lamp to create oxidizers that can help break down VOC"s while people are in the room. (The ozone shock treatments are performed when nobody is present with a 24 hour, 30 minute interval timer)  Most importantly, you need a high CFM air moving machine that can move all of the air in the room over the carbon filters 10 to 15 times per hour. This unit does all of that and for a very reasonable price. 

How does this unit help with mold?  If you have mold, you have musty smelling air. The UVC lamp / catalyst creates oxidizers to help remove those odors while people are present. When nobody is home, you can shock the air with ozone to kill airborne mold spores. The carbon filters will help absorb musty odors as well, and mold, and the ozone shock treatment will then go in and destroy whatever the carbon collected. This is a great 1-2 punch that nobody is utilizing because everyone is scared of ozone, for no reason. Ozone is an oxidizer that is 100% safe to use while nobody is in the room. After the ozone shock treatment, the protocol calls for drawing in fresh air. We know how to safely use ozone and we help our customers do just that. 

The metal 20" Lasko box fan moves over 2400 CFM, more than enough to filter all of the air in a bedroom over 15 times per hour. This cheap odor removing air purifier solution can clean the air in areas as large as 1000 square feet. It might not look pretty, but it sure gets the job done!    


1- Forever Ozone 10,000 mg/h solid state ozone generator. 

1- Lasko metal frame 3 speed 20" box fan.

2- Activated Carbon Pre-Filters

1- UVC Lamp 

1- Nano TiO2 Mesh filter (surrounds UV lamp) 

1- Repeat Cycle Timer

1- Duct Tape

This product is only available in the USA. 



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