40,000mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generator
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40,000mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generator


This is our latest compact "bare bones" ozone generator. It features a 10,000 mg/h moisture resistant ozone plate that plugs right into the ballast. There is no wiring or soldering needed, just plug the power cord and the ozone plate in the ballast, place it next to any fan (not included), and you're in business! 

We include 2 self tapping screws with this unit and 2 stainless steel L brackets (installed) and recommend you mount this to a 20" box fan. You can mount two to six of these units (via the supplied L brackets and self tapping screws) to a 20" box fan to create an 20,000 to 60,000 mg/h ozone generator.  We sell two 20" Lasko metal box fans delivered anywhere in the continental USA for only $44.

NOTE: We find that installing all four ballasts near the bottom of the fan creates better stability for the fan verses installing them up high. (see picture below) 

Warranty:  The ballast has a lifetime warranty. If it ever fails, just contact us for shipping instructions, send it back, and we'll send you a new one for free. 

Specs: 110V, 80 watts, 6" x 2" x 2" for the ballast, 4.25" x 3.75" for the ozone plate.

Included: Four ballasts, ozone plates, and power cords. 


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