Lowest Priced Ozone Generator - $49 for 3500 mg/h / Fan - Timer
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3500 mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generator / Fan and Timer. Free 2 Day S&H.

Our "keep it simple" design means this ozone generator can last 'forever' because all of the parts are easy to switch out when they crap out. When the transformer does fail, it is covered by our lifetime warranty, standard on all of our ozone generators. 

Not only will you be able to pick up the phone and get help with our ozone generators and replace parts when they fail, you'll also pay less because of our "Keep it Simple" design philosophy as well as our low overhead. (We don't advertise.  Advertising can double the price of a product. We rely 100% on happy customers and referrals to continue growing our business)

Includes 24-hour timer / 30-minute intervals, ozone plate, and 2-day USPS shipping in the USA.  



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