Foreverozone 1000 mg/h water ozonator
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1000 mg/h Water and Oil Ozonator / Wireless On-Off Outlet

The OG-1000 is a "bare bones" medical grade (if fed oxygen) water and oil ozonator without a cabinet. Why no enclosure? We don't want this ozonator to end up in a landfill! We designed this unit so that all parts are easy to replace once they eventually crap out.

What makes this ozone generator "medical grade"? The glass ozone tube (wrapped in black tape) with ABS ozone resistant nipples, the silicone tubing, and the glass bubbler. When fed oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank, it can create what they call "medical grade" ozone. If you use the supplied 1-8 liter per minute air pump, it will make ozone that is suitable for home use but not for internal medicine - blood work, for that you need to feed it oxygen.

Why is this the best ozonator on the market? It features a glass ozone tube, a cooling fan, and an open design that lends itself to staying cooler.  Besides having a glass ozone tube (metal ozone tubes such as the ones inside cheap Chinese ozonators which put impurities in the water), and open design that allows for the simple replacement of times once they fail, this ozonator is also higher powered than most.  It also features a variable output pump so that you can turn it down low for ozone insufflations of the ears and other body parts. Lastly, this unit is turned on and off with a wireless on-off outlet, and it comes with six feet of silicone hose so you can place it on top of your fridge and turn it on and off with the push of a button, no need to clutter your kitchen counter with another appliance!

Here in the USA, we like to design and make things that last a lifetime, and that's the inspiration behind all Forever Ozone products! A replacement ozone tube and transformer only cost $25, but realistically, if you use this every day, those two parts should last well over five years.

Another problem with most Chinese made ozonators are the hoses and stone bubblers. They are not medical grade and put impurities into the water. The stones have rubber nipples, and god knows what impurities in the stone itself. If you're going to buy an ozonator for wellness reasons, you'll be happy to note that our bubbling stones are 100% glass-bonded silica bubblers that also feature a Kevlar nipple (ozone resistant). We back these MADE IN THE USA glass bubblers with a lifetime warranty! We include 6 feet of silicone tubing with this unit, but you can cut it down to the size you need.

The OG-1000 is an excellent investment given all of the health-promoting things you can accomplish with ozonated water and oil. 


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