10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator Transformer
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10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator Transformer - For Double Sided Plates

NOTE:  These are replacement transformers that work with the double sided 10g ozone plates, not the new "Jumbo" one sided 10g plates.

We discovered doing heat testing that allowing air to "plane" over both sides of the ozone plate does not adequately cool the plate.  Even with high powered fans blowing onto the plate(s), if the air rushes over both sides, the ozone plate will get too hot.  How hot?  As high as 140 degrees.  At those temperatures, ozone production goes down by 50% - 70%.

Our tests on several types of ozone generators (the standard Amazon type) revealed the same things, a weak fan (under 100 CFM) and a sideways mounted ozone plate will result in excessive surface temperatures that lead to excessive NOx production (the burnt ozone smell you sometimes get) and lower ozone concentrations. 

To keep the surface temperature of the ozone plate under 100 degrees so that you can create high concentrations of ozone, you need to follow our "Cool-Tec" design.   Our Cool-Tec concept calls for a fan to bear down on one side of the ozone plate from a close distance while the back side gets cooled by air rushing out of the unit. (and the back side of the plate close to the back wall)   That, we discovered, is the best way to cool and ozone plate. If you do not plan on using these transformers with our box fan conversion kits then we recommend you opt for our 3500 mg/h transformers and plates and have your fan hit the ozone producing side flush. 

The price for one transformer is $22 plus $5 shipping ($27), and if you add the ozone plate and power cord, your total for a 10,000 mg/h ozone generator with shipping will be $49. We do offer free shipping on orders over $50 however, and free shipping on our ozone plates.


1) No red wires, no soldering, no wire nuts.

2) No power loss (you lose power as power travels through the red wires on traditional ozone generator transformers. The power source is within an inch of the white ozone plate base - no power loss!)

3) No wiring - IEC connector uses a standard computer cord to power the ballast/transformer.

4) Solid-state design - closed circuit. The motherboard has a small fuse that shuts the unit down if it overheats.

5) Side mount design. The heat sink under the transformer and the side mounting of the said transformer will prevent heat from building up inside, a significant problem with transformers that sit flush on the ground with little space underneath to dissipate heat.

6) USA design. This design came from America, where we design things to last longer.


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