Foreverozone 10,000 mg/h ozone plates
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New 10,000 mg/h Jumbo Sized Moisture Resistant Ozone plate

This is our latest innovation, a large one-sided 10g ozone plate with a silicone seal below the metal ozone producing stripes that prevents moisture damage and helps to ensure longer life. The one-sided feature also allows our "Cool-Tec" machines to run even cooler since the fan bears down on the ozone producing side from 1" away.  This is our exclusive product (you'll only find here) and this time we did get a patent. These plates only work in our exclusive 10g solid state transformers.  The 5 and 7-gram transformers don't have enough juice to power these up. 

We will only sell these ozone plates to our customers on file that have bought our 10-gram units.  For a while, these ozone plates will be in limited supply. We want these new ozone plates to get into our customer's hands, not people who bought their ozone generators elsewhere. 


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