Ozone Therapy

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Ozone Therapy

While Ozone Therapy is not approved by the FDA, it's been used for over 100 years without side effects. Doctors can use ozone, if they have proper training and certification, and as long as they use it not to treat disease, (not making any medical claims), which makes it hard to market or administer.  You basically have to go to the doctor who uses ozone and ask them for the treatment.

The only issue one might encounter with ozone therapy is caused by the detox process which can leave one feeling queasy for a short time.  Ozone has been used successfully to treat a number of disease over the past 100 years, with over 6 million published case studies detailing exactly what ozone cured, how long it took, and what type of ozone therapy was employed.  (Mostly in Europe.) Cures don't come per se from the ozone therapy or any so called alternative therapy, cures come when ones own immune system is activated  or 'super charged' to do what our Creator intended it to do, fight off disease.

NOTE: Duty called, and I had to scrap my plans of relocating my business to Phoenix Arizona. As of April, Forever Ozone is now  operating out of San Diego California again. We will be selling our special blends of ozonated oils out of our San Diego office as well as rent ozone generators locally. In the future however, I do plan on being part of the "wellness center" concept on Native lands, the reason I moved to Phoenix in the first place.