Ozone Generator Sizing Guide

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Ozone Generator Sizing Guide

How much ozone you need to get the job done just like a professional depends on several factors.

1) What is your application? 

A) Kill mites? 

B) Remove second hand smoke?

C) Kill mold?

D) Get rid of pet odors? 


2) At what temperature will the ozone shock treatment be performed?

3) How many square feet is the area that is to be treated? 

4) At what humidity level will the shock treatment be performed? 

You should size how much "ozone power" you need based on these variables. Generally speaking, it takes 1000 milligrams of ozone per hour (mgph) per 100 sq feet (at 70 degrees with relative humidity at or below 20%) to achieve "shock" levels of ozone (6 to 10 parts per million).   However, if the air temperature is 80 and the relative humidity 85%, you won't be able to achieve high ozone concentrations UNLESS you first reduce the humidity! At 80% humidity you'll need 5000 mgph per 100 square feet.  Humidity knocks down the amount of ozone that you can produce when using corona discharge ozone generators. UV ozone generators are not effected by humidity but units that produce 5000 mgph using only UV lamps cost over $2000, and UV lamps are expensive and get weaker with each use, so they're not a good option for ozone shock treatments. So then what is the solution if you live in a warm, humid environment?  Utilize a de-humidifier and AC - Fans to lower humidity and air temperatures THEN do the ozone shock treatment! 

So the general rule is that at 70% humidity, you lower the amount of ozone that can be created under normal conditions by 70%. If the air temperature is above 80 degrees, you further reduce the amount of ozone that can be created. However, with lower temperatures, you increase the ozone production, so much so that at freezing temps ozone doesn't break down at all. You have two options. One, buy two to three times the amount of "ozone power" you need to get the job done or utilize a de-humidifier / AC to lower the humidity levels and temperature. Our box fan kits that produce 20 to 50 thousand milligrams of ozone per hour and utilize a box fan that moves over 3000 CFM to dry the air and limit the impact of humidity on the ozone plates is your best option in humid areas. While those units might be "over-kill" in dry cool areas, they're just what the doctor ordered along the coasts or in humid areas!

So how much ozone do you need?  Let's consider the different applications (based on what professionals use to get the job done) 

A) Kill mites:  Killing mites requires several weeks of 2-3 times a day ozone shock treatments (one hour duration each treatment) with relative humidity under 50% and air temps below 70. Mites lay eggs, and ozone won't be able to kill the eggs, so you'll need to keep up with a 3 week regimen to  ensure your mite infestation is permanently eradicated.  Mites thrive in humidity over 50%, so step one is to buy a de-humidifier and lower the relative humidity. The dryer the better. The colder the better. You can heat the area up during the winter after the shock treatment to destroy the ozone and revert it back to oxygen. 

B) Remove second hand smoke?  Lower the humidity as low as possible with a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area. (to under 50%, the lower the better) Use cold temps to perform several one hour shock treatments followed by heating the area up to promote off-gassing of the chemicals in the second hand smoke. Do this several times over several days for great results. 

C) Kill mold?  Lower the humidity as low as possible with a de-humidifier and perform several one to three hour shock treatments over a several day period. 

D) Get rid of pet odors?  Remove carpet to identify the areas where urine penetrated into the wood or cement. Pour pet enzymes on the area and allow to dry then perform a 3 to 4 hour ozone shock treatment. That should be plenty to remove pet odors.

These are the most common applications, if you want tips on how to "bless" a structure with ozone before moving in, or how to freshen a place up to help it sell, don't hesitate to give us a call to pick my mind for free! 

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