How to Get Rid of Second Hand Smoke Smell

How to Get Rid of Second Hand Smoke Smell

Ozone gas, when appropriately used, is the most efficient and inexpensive way to remove the stench of second-hand smoke.  You need double the amount of ozone (2000 mgh per 100 sq ft) vs. a regular ozone shock treatment to rid an area of the stench of cigarette smoke.  We teach our customers how to cycle the ozone shock treatment to give the off-gassing chemicals the time they need to break down all of the chemicals  (there are 1000's of them) found in second-hand smoke. It might take several ozone shock treatments spread out over a few days, but if you follow our ozone shock treatment protocol for removing second-hand smoke, it can be done.  Our ozone shock treatment machines have manuals that explain the protocol step by step. 

Besides an ozone shock treatment, you will need to wipe down surfaces with a degreaser to remove the sticky tar that often accompanies second-hand smoke damage. 


One of the critical steps in performing an ozone shock treatment to remove second-hand smoke damage / smells is to provide enough air flow to churn the air and move as much air as possible so that it can come in contact with the ozone generator plates.  We recommend positioning box fans throughout your structure, turning on ceiling fans, and turning on your HVAC fan if you have one. 

Second-hand smoke penetrates surfaces and off-gasses.  Ozone shock treatments remove what is on the outside, but more will come to the surface after time if the smoke damage built up over years of second-hand smoke exposure. For more details on how to properly remove second-hand smoke damage, please buy one of our ozone generators then call Mike at 702-956-0856 for help with your particular situation, and detailed advise.