Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

When we sold on Amazon, our ozone generators averaged 4.6 to 4.7 stars out of 5. 

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Our past websites allowed customers to leave reviews. Here are a few of the more helpful or informative reviews over the years:

Great product, cleared up cigarette smoke completely
26 Mar 2017
I relocated recently and wasn't aware until after I signed the lease that my apartment unit is directly above an indoor chain smoker. The drifting of the cigarette smoke becomes so bad that I have to close off the room most affected by it. Until I researched and bought this product from ForeverZone, I thought I only have two options, to move to another rental ($600 moving quote) or speed up my timeline to purchase a home ($3600 penalty for breaking the lease). Either choice will cost me a lot of money and time off from work. I bought both the ForeverOzone 10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator & the timer and went to Walmart for the box fan and bungee cords after reading a bunch of reviews on how best to do this. I'm not a diy person but the instructions were simple enough to follow. After 1 hour of running this in the room with door closed, I then opened the door to that room and all windows in the apartment and go somewhere else for 2 hours. When I came back, the cigarette smoke odor was gone completely and the room actually smelled fresher than the rest of the apartment. Since then, I have done this for all the rooms and I plan to do this before moving into my next home. With the smoker still living below me, I'll have to set the ozone generator to run every few weeks but it's no big deal and I don't have to move until I'm ready. Thank you so much for making this extremely affordable and lives up to all my expectations. 


Works great, used in kitchen for lots of applications
26 Mar 2017
I bought this Digital Water Ozonator along with the 10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator when both were on sale. As a family, we eat 90% vegetables and organic produce is expensive. I use this in the kitchen to soak the washed fruits and vegetables, and sometime meat. I honestly can't tell you what the ozone water did for the meat but the meat color is much lighter than before soaking and there's lots of residue at the bottom of my stainless steel bowl when I dump the water out after soaking the meat in it for 10 minutes. I also run it at 3-min cycle for drinking water. While you use it, there's the ozone smell coming out of the water. If it bothers you, just turn on the hood fan or leave the area until the machine stops running. 

For the cupboards and the kitchen after extensive cooking (I prep a week's worth of meals at a time), I use Plastic Drop Cloths, 9x12, from dollar store to tape around the kitchen opening to other rooms (to keep the ozone generated contained in the kitchen). I also open all the kitchen cupboard doors and then run the  Foreverozone Digital Water Ozonator for a 20-min timer. I hope I'm doing it correctly but I use whatever setup I have for putting it in water except I just leave the grey ball outside in the air to generate ozone. Afterward, I open the window to the room and run the range hood fan for an hour. You'll be amaze how fresh everything in the kitchen smells as a result of doing this. 


Fantastic Products!!
25 Nov 2016
Forever Ozone by far manufactures the best ozone generators available. I use these machines for industrial purposes and they work great very reliable. 


Works great!
16 Nov 2016
Highly recommend!  They work magic.  We first saw one of these in action at a resort in Mexico as our room smelled of cig smoke until they unleashed a ozone generator!!  You won't regret a purchase.


BookBrains Bookmarks
13 Nov 2016
NOTE: this is a review of the 5,000 mg/h generator. I love this generator--very powerful and easy to use. I would love to know of a container to store it, especially to protect the ozone plate which is relatively thin; this could easily be something already on the market. The blogs on their website are fantastic; you will learn more about ozone & ozone generators there than you probably ever have. Will definitely be buying more products from this company.


happy customer
26 Aug 2016
This manufacturer/distributor is for real. I already had a 3000 mg/h from Amazon unit but purchased the 5000 mg/h from ForeverOzone directly and saved a shipping charge.  I have a 700 sq ft one bedroom apt and I'm trying to disinfect the A/C ductwork.  I had my ductwork cleaned (brushed) and vacuumed this summer to get rid of accumulated dust and allergens. That worked pretty well, but the cleaning actually made the problem worse as it disturbed and loosened allergens instead.  So, I'm using the 3000 mg and 5000 mg together with a little fan to "shock" my air distr ductwork. The setup blows into into my A/C intake.  I think it's working.  When I leave for a couple of hours to go to the gym, I leave the A/C set cold at 65 F so the unit runs continuous with the ozone generators. Once I get back I open doors and windows to clear my apt.  I've done this quite a few times now and I think it's working. My symptoms are not gone but my eyes aren't watering as much and I'm generally more comfortable. I'm going to continue to repeat the treatments going forward. 


04 Jul 2016
Well i had hard times managing the airflow, would prefer paying higher $$$ to have the same unit with a built-in fan and an enclosure. I ran it in a flooded vehicle with all carpets removed. It took me 3 separate 1-hour treatments to remove the moldy smell but now after 3 days the vehicle smells like chlorine. Am i gonna keep using it? Definitely.

Company response:  We do sell a  unit with a fan. The reason we don't have enclosures ...these units are used in unoccupied areas and not having a cover makes it easier to remove-clean the plate after each use and prevent toxic dust and mold from building up inside the unit itself. 


Excellent and Simply Machine
03 Jul 2016
After researching several ozone machines I decided on this one. I purchased it along with the count down timer. I was surprised at how small it is. I also bought a 20" box fan from HD. I have a 60+ year old home and two dogs. There is some old house smell and dog smells in the house. I set up the ozone system on a table in the dining room with the box fan behind it. I closed the windows, turned on the furnace fan for whole house circulation and set the timer to 1 hour. I did not plug the fan into the timer as I wanted that to continue running. We left with the dogs for about three hours. Upon our return the house smelled great, like after a thunder/lightning storm smell. I was very pleased. Today I used it in our bedroom after stripping the bed as I wanted to make sure that the ozone cleared our bed of any bacteria. I left it on for 15 minutes and the fan for an hour and with the furnace fan on. Again on our return home the smelled like clean air. 

The ozone machine is very simple and it works. All I bought for the ozone machine is the counter down timer and a box fan.Total cost under $80. The advantage is that you control the size of the fan and the more air to blow across the ozone maker the better. I highly recommend this machine.


24 Jun 2016
I've been able to run the ozone generator once and I do really believe that it helped with the mold in our house.  You could smell the difference and my husband's use of his inhaler declined.  I'm ready to run it again, however, be warned this does NOT come with the cord (the reason for the 3 stars).  It's a normal computer cord thus how we were able to run ours.  I sent a number of e-mails to customer service and never received a response. 

Company response:  Sorry about that Kristin. This is a new website format and for a while Larry our Customer Service guy wasn't getting the emails forwarded to him, now he is. If anyone ever doesn't get a reply to their emails within 24 hrs via our automated form, email us directly at foreverozone@gmail or call my cell 702-956-0856


Better than Chinese crap I've owned before
16 Jun 2016
I bought an ozone air purifier with one ozone plate off Amazon last year, the damn thing only lasted me 3 months and 4 or 5 hours of usage.  I couldn't even open it up to figure out what was wrong because one of the screws that holds down the cover was stripped.  I  tried to send it back but they said I only had 30 days so now I'm stuck with a $85 door stop.  So this time I bought an OG-7000 based on the Amazon reviews and so far, no problems, just tons of ozone. I can see that if something does go wrong the parts are easy to switch out so this will be the last ozone generator I ever have to buy!  Great deal, awesome company. Thanks!


good deal
13 Apr 2016
Amazing output of Ozone in little package.  Very cost effective - the most on the market. Forget paying for cases etc just to hold the ozone producing elements.  Get this one.. you will not be disappointed. 


Love the new compact design!
24 Mar 2016
I've bought ozone generators from Foreverozone for years. I smoke and have pets and use the crap out of these to make my trailer smell fresh as a daisy so that when my kids visit they don't die. I love the new compact design of their basic unit. It straps onto our window AC with a shoe lace. I have it attached to their $15 wireless on off switch and turn it on when I smoke and when the dogs take a dump. Love it!


Love it!
28 Feb 2016
I love this little thing!  I'm able to take this with me on the road when I travel for business to disinfect my hotel room before jumping in the bed for the night. I check in, turn it on, go get something to eat, and when I get back the place doesn't smell stale, like chemicals, or like grandma's house (stale smoke and perfume) and I know that any viruses or bacteria have been killed as well.  It's so small it fits in my bag.  LOVE THIS THING!!!


This thing kicks azzzz!
16 Jan 2016
I read hundreds of reviews on these machines on Amazon and decided to give it a try in my hotel.  Customers sometimes complain that our hotel smells musty and now we're doing a 10 minute shock treatment after cleaning and before customers go into the rooms. No more complaints and customers now say our hotel smells better than a 5 star hotel because it's nice and fresh smelling without any chemical smells or air fresheners. Thanks Foreverozone!  You're helping our online reviews so I'm returning the favor. 


Wish I new you were changing designs!
15 Jan 2016
I get an email asking me to review my product and I see they updated the design to a solid state model.  That's great I'm stuck with yesterdays crappy design and they won't exchange it for their new design so I'm only giving them 3 stars.  

Company response:  Yeah, I  understand. We got dozens of requests to exchange the old style to this new solid state style ...but we can't do it because we no longer sell the old style, even though those old ones work just fine. Been making us happy customers for years. But I understand your position. Sorry we couldn't help. PS. Maybe your review has something do with the fact you're in Seattle, lol?