Best Place to Buy an Ozone Generator?!

Best Place to Buy an Ozone Generator? is the best place to buy an ozone generator. Why? Amazon makes it too easy to return your ozone generator purchase, so chances are the unit you receive was pre-owned. Unlike our open design, most Chinese made ozone generators require removing many screws to look inside for signs of wear (or toxic dust from an ozone shock treatment performed in the presence of toxic mold).  While we also accept returns, they end up in our "specials" section sold as a refurbished unit. I believe most returned units on Amazon and eBay get fobbed off as new.  (common sense, the sellers are not going to take the loss).  What about eBay?  What about buying directly from China? Return shipping costs - too expensive.  Besides, wouldn't you like to instead work with a USA ozone generator company?

You will not find a better ozone generator deal anywhere else, and unlike Amazon and eBay, buy your ozone generator from us, and you can get on the phone and talk to us if anything ever needs repair or you find yourself in need of advice on performing an ozone shock treatment. Add it all up, and is the best place to buy an ozone generator, bar none!  Don't even get me started on the fact our ozone plates stay cool vs. the hot running ozone plates found in all other ozone generators.  The fact we have the lowest priced ozone generators on the Internet.  The fact uses a firewall and top-notch security measures and never keep our customers credit card information on file.  How do we do it? We don't spend money on marketing on expensive pay per click ad campaigns.  We rely on happy customers and word of mouth. We stay small, provide top-notch service, and grow our business in a way that allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.  If you like our products, tell a friend, write a review or link to our website! (thanks in advance!)