About Us

About Us

Forever Ozone invented the "bare bones" ozone generator concept back in 2009 to drive the price of ozone generators down, and we've been saving our customers money ever since.

We are located in beautiful Boulder City Nevada.but our Corporation is registered (and under the jurisdiction) of Wyoming. 

What is our mission?  Help educate people about ozone and innovate - invent new ozone generator products that are capable of performing "whole home" shock treatments safely, effectively, and economically. We also pride ourselves in offering the best bang for your buck water ozonators as well as innovative add-ons to help promote wellness, offering great customer service and phone support, and treating our customers in the way we like being treated ourselves. 

Our business philosophy is simple. Keep it simple. Keep our prices low. Our customer service responsive and above average. Keep our cost of goods down by relying 100% on organic searches and happy customer word of mouth referrals. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our company or products, please call us toll-free at  1 (888) 989-8764.  We can be reached via email using the green "contact us" button on the bottom right of the website as well.   We'll be happy to talk with you to see if our products are right for you or to answer any of your questions.