Forever Ozone 5000 mg/h Water and Oil Ozonator
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Forever Ozone 5000 mg/h Water and Oil Ozonator

If you have an oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank, or air pump, this is the lowest priced 5 gram ozonator on the market. (For a limited time only $399, price will go to $499 when we start to sell this to distributors) That's not to say it's not the best, it is. You don't have to pay for expensive pay per click ads or expensive marketing campaigns, so you pay a wholesale manufacturer direct to the consumer price, that's why it's so cheap.  

What is not cheap, the ozone tube and transformer. The ozone tube is quartz and has a huge heat sink to keep it cool. The barbs are stainless steel. It is housed in a tool box that has a cooling fan, on-off switch, and fuse holder as well as 2 compartments on top to store the silicone tubing and glass stone. The glass stone is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. It does not leach impurities into the water like the Chinese made stones that are not ozone resistant.  

You can buy this 5g ozone generator with an oxygen concentrator for $350 more to make it a medical grade ozonator  for ozone baths, making ozone oils, or making ozone water. If you plan on using an ozonator for ozone therapy, we highly recommend you utilize an oxygen feed. At 5 grams per hour, this ozonator is more than capable of filling your bath tub with pure ozone for ozone therapy purposes, or your ozone resistant spa enclosure / silicone bag.  

Price includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the USA.  The cost to ship this to Canada is $80.  


5g ozonator

10 feet of food grade silicone tubing

2 glass bubblers (one for oil, one for water)

Shipping anywhere in the USA


Ozone tube and transformer - lifetime

Oxygen Concentrator: 1 year


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