Foreverzone Cool-Tec 10,000 mgh ozone generator

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Forever Ozone "Cool-Tec" 10,000 mgh Shock Treatment Ozone Generator


Our 10g Cool-Tec is designed with special US innovations not found in other ozone generators.  These innovations lead to longer life, cooler run times, easier maintenance, higher ozone concentration, and a better overall value.

What is different about the Forever Ozone Cool-Tec ozone generator vs the Chinese made ozone generators?  1)Our exclusive solid state ballast. No external high voltage red wires (shock hazard if they come lose and touch the side of the metal box).  The Chinese copied our concept and created a two tier ozone ballast with un-removable plates but it still features "hot" red wires on the outside of the ballast that pose a fire hazard. 2) No lead paint. The Chinese use lead paint on their ozone generators which, it is true, causes the paint to be more resistant to ozone than regular pain, t but nevertheless, as it chips away it becomes a health hazard.. 3) Removable ozone plate / power cord. 4) No wiring needed once something fails. The fan and ballast have power cords that pug in. Unplug and send those parts in for a free replacement. The unit comes with a 5) Lifetime warranty. 6) Designed and made in the USA with US phone support. Good luck getting Amazon or Ebay on the phone to give you expert advise with your particular ozone generator application. 7) Cooler operation. Our "Cool-Tec" process blasts the back side of the ozone plate with a strong amount of air at a close distance which allows air to circle around to the ozone producing side in a way that lends itself to higher ozone concentrations. Having the air pass over both sides at the same time causes both sides of the plate to over heat and limits ozone production.  8) No "prone to fail" parts like a on-off switch or external timer. Ozone corrodes the tiny copper parts in those pieces and rusts them, causing them to fail within a year and shutting down the ozone generator. It's hard to troubleshoot and fix, and shipping it back for repair will cost upwards of $60 for shipping both ways.  9) Doesn't look like an air purifier. Ozone generators are found on shelfs, mistaken for air purifiers, and used in occupied rooms at night while people sleep. This can cause serious health consequences as ozone is not for breathing in high concentrations, only for 'shock' treatments in unoccupied rooms to sanitize. 10) Our ozone plates last 20,000 hours and are thicker, have a special coating that helps them last longer than other types of ozone generators on the market. 

Why should everyone perform periodic ozone shock treatments? Everyone sheds pounds of dead skin a year, and guess what feeds of dead skin? Tiny parasitic mites! Those little creatures can wreak havoc on our health (their feces become airborne) if left unchecked, and some types of mites also bite and cause significant skin issues. Periodic ozone shock treatments when nobody is home will keep your home mite free and neutralize their droppings.  It will also kill surface molds, viruses, bacteria, and break down air pollution.

Free Shipping in the USA.

Includes 10g Cool-Tec / fan, 1-10g ballast, plate, and cord, timer, Instructions

Specs:  100 watts , 1 amp 110V . 


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