Foreverzone Cool-Tec 10,000 mgh ozone generator
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Forever Ozone "Cool-Tec" 10,000 mgh Shock Treatment Ozone Generator / Timer / XL Plate

The new and improved (with higher powered transformer and larger 4" x 4" ozone plate) Forever Ozone 10g Cool-Tech ozone generator is our best multi-use (home or car) ozone generator.  Our "minimalist" design with the fan bearing down on the over sized ozone plate provides superior cooling not found elsewhere. Why is this important?  The colder the ozone plate remains, the more ozone and less NOx production (the burnt ozone smell you get after using hot running ozone plates).

The Cool-Tec 10g machine is our best residential ozone generator and is capable of performing "ozone shock treatments" in rooms up to 1000 square feet. It comes with a 24 hour 30 minute interval timer so you can set it to run while you're not home.   

Everyone sheds pounds of dead skin a year, and guess what feeds of dead skin? Tiny parasitic mites! Those little creatures can wreak havoc on our health (their feces become airborne) if left unchecked, and some types of mites also bite and cause significant skin issues. Periodic ozone shock treatments when nobody is home will keep your home mite free and neutralize their droppings.  It will also kill surface molds, viruses, bacteria, and break down air pollution.

Free Shipping in the USA.

Includes Unit, Power cord, ozone plate, Timer, Instructions

100 watts, 1 amp, 110V 


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