Foreverozone Commercial Ozone Generator - 50,000 mgh - 2400 CFM Fan
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Forever Ozone Commercial Ozone Generator - 50,000 mgh - 2400 CFM Fan

NOTE: This unit now features our new higher powered transformers and 4" x 4" ozone plates. 

This ozone generator does require some assembly, about 10 minutes worth to attach the ozone plates, the power cords, and slap on the 3 metal sides. It includes a 20" box fan.

Forever Ozone has a "Keep it Simple" approach to our ozone generator designs. We consider ozone generators tools. Functionality. Value. Easy maintenance. High output. Strong CMF. That's all we care about! If you want bells and whistles, if you want pretty, you're in the wrong place! If you want more ozone for your money, you're in the right place!

What we have here is a galvanized steel ozone generator that attaches to any 20" box fan. Why a 20" box fan? They're economical. They're common and easy to find. They're powerful! Over 2000 CFM. (This one is 2400 CFM). And with a 20" square area, plenty of room to place 5 transformers and plates without being cramped. We also opted to have all 5 transformers feature IEC power cords instead of hard wiring them into a circuit so that when a transformer craps out, all you have to do is remove 2 screws, unplug the power cord, and replace the transformer.

Why 50,000 mg/h? That's more than double the amount of ozone needed to create high ozone concentrations in the average sized home (2500 sq ft). The result is higher ozone concentration faster, with the ability to keep it up longer. The fact this ozone generator shoots 2400 CFM of ozone straight up towards the ceiling (or HVAC air return) makes achieving a high ozone concentration even easier. 

How does this commercial ozone generator compare with other high ozone output ozone generators on the market? We've discovered through our tests that the secret to creating ultra-high ozone concentrations is keeping the ozone plates as cool as possible. Furthermore, we discovered that to cool the plate, you have to shoot a high velocity of air flush against the ozone plate from a close distance, not blow air so that it planes in between the ozone plates. Blowing air over both sides of an ozone plate just doesn't cut it when cooling is the objective. Both sides of the ozone plate will get hot, even if you attach a heat sink. How hot?  Very hot. Over 140 degrees after just a few minutes. At those high temperatures, ozone production is reduced by about 70%. Our "Cool-Tec" method of creating ozone allows us to cool both sides of the ozone plate and keep the plates under 100 degrees (usually in the 80's and 90's)  We accomplish this by having the air hit one side of the plate flush and the rest of the air bounce off the back panel (within an inch of the plate) and then rush past the back side of the plate on the way out the machine via the 4" x 20" opening on the top of the unit.  Air shoots out of the top like a cannon and sends ozone towards the ceiling where it then goes in every direction.  Smart. Effective. Economical. Right up our alley!

I guess you can say that the inspiration behind this unit was to solve the following problems and at the same time creating a low cost solution that produces a large amount of ozone, is easy to maintain and repair, and moves a lot of air. The key features are therefore:

1) "Cool-Tec" cooling design. Our tests show this keeps the ozone plates under 100 degrees even after running for hours, our main objective, prevent NOx (burnt ozone smell caused by running plates hot) and create high amounts of sweet-smelling ozone.

2) High CFM 20" box fan (cost under $20 to replace) is attached to the ozone generator via 4 screws (allows easy access to the ozone plates as well) The 20 inch x 20 inch surface allows a much greater amount of air to enter and be converted into ozone vs any other ozone generator on the market under $1000. (compares to ozone machines that sell for thousands of dollars.

3) Five independent solid-state - closed circuit high voltage transformers. This is the ozone transformer we designed for our ozone machines. The power cord and plate plugs into the transformer, so when the time comes to replace it, no soldering is required as is the case with the other ozone transformers on the market. Best of all, because of the fact each transformer powers one dual-sided plate, if one fails, you're still in business! Closed circuit transformers shut down if they over-heat to prevent a fire hazard (internal fuse). They're covered by a 5 year warranty, and the superior cooling/heatsink facing up on these units ensures proper cooling (others face the heatsink down and cause their ozone transformers to get too hot - fail prematurely and force their customers to spend upwards of $150 to ship and repair their machine - not us! If your transformer fails, it will only cost you $6 to ship it back for a new one.)

4) Blows air straight up towards the ceiling for superior ozone shock treatments! You can also place this unit in a window to draw in fresh air to create a positive pressure environment that forces ozone into cracks and walls, floors, etc. (Use the shipping box cardboard to seal off the rest of the window, use a little red neck innovation!) If you want to get rid of pet odors under a carpet, you can place the unit on it's side and with the help of a couple of vinyl (ozone resistant) fence posts shoot the ozone deep into the carpet. We recommend using 4 or five posts of different lengths to distribute the ozone to different parts of the urine damaged carpet. For whole home shock treatments, we recommend shooting the ozone straight into the HVAC air return. Place the unit right under the air return, plug the unit into the timer, and that's it! Turn on the AC and leave. You can opt for the wi-fi controlled on-off timer that allows you to cut the unit on and off while you're anywhere in the world ( as long as you're connected to the Internet) by simply pushing a button on your cell phone (supplied app). The unit comes with a 15 minute interval 24 hour timer. You can also opt for a repeat cycle timer that cuts the unit on and off (great for outdoor locations - pig farms, pot farms, etc) Those areas get hot so having the unit run for 30 seconds on, 1 minute off 24/7 will produce better results since ozone plates lose over 50% of their ozone producing power when they get around 120-140 degrees. If it's near 100 outside, the only way to ensure high ozone output would be to employ a repeat cycle timer. Otherwise, that's not necessary in room temperatures.

5) Easy to move around. Comes with a handle. The frame of this ozone generator is 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal that attaches to any 20" box fan. The front service panel (acrylic) is held in place with Velcro so when the time comes to replace the ozone plates, it only takes a minute.

Warranty: Power transformers come with a lifetime warranty. 

Included: 50,000 mg/h unit (5 of our proprietary solid state transformers attached to the 3 planks, Five of the new 4" x 4" 10g ozone  plates, 5 power cords, front service panel), one surge protector / on-off switch. one 30 minute interval 24-hour timer. Shipping anywhere in the USA via USPS 2 Day Priority Mail. 


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