7000 mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generators / two 24 hr 30 min Interval Time
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7000 mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generators / two 24 hr 30 min Interval Timers

This is TWO of our retro style "Bare Bones" 3500 mg/h ozone generators and 2 timers. We sold the 3500 bare bones unit for years on Amazon for $49.99 each (without 24 hr timer) with great support and reviews.  (4.7 to 4.8 stars for years). 

If the area you need to ozonate is under 700 sq ft (40 feet x 17 feet or so) then this ozone generator is all you need.  (1000 mg per 100 sq feet is what is recommended to create the ozone concentrations needed to kill virtually any pathogen or parasite - 6 ppm)  The secret is to churn the air with a 20" box fan!  Place this ozone generator about a foot in front of the box fan and attach the box fan and the unit to the supplied 24-hour appliance timer.  Set the timer to run for 30 minutes on, 1 hour off while you're away. The ozone lingers for 40 minutes so no need to run it for hours at a time. Have it cut off one hour before you return back home. 

Also, since ozone generators convert the oxygen in the air into ozone, spreading several of these $30 ozone generators around a structure without central air (say every 20 feet) will actually do a better job of creating high ozone concentrations than placing one high powered ozone generator in a central location. Why? The air 40-50 feet away won't be able to come in contact with the ozone plate to create ozone unless you utilize several 20" box fans to churn the air. A better idea is to space four of these bare-bones ozone generators and four box fans around your two-story structure. (If you have central air, however, we recommend our box fan ozone generators placed under the air return). 


Warranty:  5 years for the transformer. 

Shipping:  FREE 2 day USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the USA. 

Included: (2) 3500 ozone generators, timer



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