10,000 mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generator (no fan)

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10,000 mg/h Bare Bones Ozone Generator (no fan)

This "bare bones" system comes with zip ties so that you an attach our 90 watt solid state transformer/ballast to a fan. This ballast powers our latest generation moisture resistant ozone plate that is 4.25 inches x 3.75 inches and produces 10g of ozone per hour.  

You can attach this ballast to any fan, but a steel blade fan works best. Also, pivoting the fan so that the ozone blows towards the roof works best at created "shock" levels of ozone fastest. It pushed the air near the roof down so that it can be converted into ozone (since ozone is heavier than air). This unit will create "shock" levels in areas up to 1000 square feet in areas were the humidity stays under 20% indoors. If you have higher humidity levels, say 50%, you will need two of these ozone generators for every 1000 square feet of are that needs to be shocked to permanently remove odors, kill molds, mites, fungus, etc.

Warranty: Lifetime on the ballast. 

Included: 1- ballast, 1- 10g ozone plate, 1- 18g power cord

Not included: Timer, surge protector, fan.  



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