Why Ozone Generators are Essential for Good Health.

Why Ozone Generators are Essential for Good Health.

October 11, 2018

dust mites

If you've ever searched for "ozone generators" online,  for sure you've seen the negative reports that ozone is "toxic" and "harmful" to your health.  No worries. You found this article so you'll be able to learn the truth about ozone so that you can reap the benefits from this "God Particle" that is truly a remarkable gift to humanity, or at a minimum to those who seek to obtain optimal health.
The person who runs the EPA in the USA once said that she dreams about a day when we can once and for all "eliminate ozone" from the ground level air.  If you don't know the science of ozone, then that sounds like a pretty reasonable statement. What she fails to realize however is that ozone is natures cleaner, not a pollutant. (How can oxygen x 3 be pollution?)  If we were to remove ozone from ground level air, human-made pollution from cars, factories, old buses, chemical off-gassing, to name a few, would quickly kill us all!  Ozone is natures response to air pollution. No pollution, no ozone.  It doesn't even have to be human-made.  Forest fires or volcanic eruptions also pollute our air and there too, ozone is created to break it down and remove it and to restore clean, fresh air for the two and four-legged inhabitants of this planet, mighty or small. You see, without ozone, we'd all die.  If ozone is ever eliminated and ceases to exist, we will  all die. 
So then, why do I say, passionately by the way, and without stuttering, that ozone is ESSENTIAL to good health?  Simple. It's true! Mountains of scientific research have proved it!  If you don't employ ozone in your life, you are not enjoying optimal health, point blank. There exists no other substance known to man, human-made or artificial, that can take the place of ozone and help you obtain optimal health!  Sadly, however, less than 1 in 1000 people utilize ozone on a daily basis to improve their health. Why? The main reason is misinformation from globalist population control interests that control the search engines, big pharma, the MSM, and the Intl Corps that own the governments of the world in no small degree. They want people to utilize their drugs, disposable filters, and other wasteful solutions over ozone and they don't seem to be interested in helping the average person obtain optimal health and live to an old, ripe age. So without further adieu, here are the reasons why everyone needs to employ ozone in their life and how:
1) Oral health. Gargling with ozonated water on a daily basis destroys the plague that hardens the arteries of the heart and leads to heart disease. Doctors have known about this for a long time. Chemical and alcohol-based mouthwashes don't work nearly as good as gargling with ozone (or using ozonated water with a water-pic)  Ozone is just three oxygen atoms. Ozone is very reactive, and the atomic oxygen (single oxygen atom) quickly destroys the plaque and harmful bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease among many other bad things in your mouth.

2) Dust mite feces.  I got into ozone when I discovered that dust mite feces was the major problem with indoor air and air filters didn't provide any help (goes right through HEPA filters)  Tabletop UV air purifiers also don't help at all. They lack the air moving capability to address airborne dust during waking hours (only good for sleep time in bedrooms).  The ONLY solution to kill mites and neutralize their droppings is to perform regular ozone shock treatments, preferably using our protocol to ensure you do the job right. If you have never performed an ozone shock treatment in your home, regardless of the $1000 air purifier you're running, you're breathing tons of dust mite feces, and it has and will continue to impact your health and the health of your children negatively!  (especially young children because they take 2-3 times more breaths per minute than adults).  If you want to allow your lungs and the lungs of your kids to be the final resting place for biologically active dust mite feces, go ahead, keep believing the narrative Google and the major search engines want you to think that all you have to do is buy a HEPA air purifier to address your indoor air quality issues. (good luck - you'll need it!)

3) Mites. We all shed pounds of skin each year. That dead skin is the main staple of mites. They float around in your air feasting on that dead skin. (Most of the airborne dust in your air is dead skin, mites, and their droppings)  The "old people smell" you encounter in old folk homes is caused by 10-20 years of dead skin and the disgusting potpourri of "crap" that goes along with it. Too bad those people never discovered the health-promoting magic of a proper ozone shock treatment!  They could have avoided colds, respiratory conditions, tons of over the counter cold remedies, not to mention the health robbing consequence of living with polluted indoor air. (#sad)

4) Killing surface mold, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  It just takes a properly done 30-minute ozone shock treatment to kill all of the "bad guys" on all of your surfaces that if left unchecked, can rob you of your health.  Some major studies have shown that office building that introduces just a little bit of ozone into the air reduce sick days by over 50% vs. office building that does not utilize ozone.  Some of our customers (teachers) in Louisiana have commented that nightly ozone shock treatments in their classrooms have resulted in less sick days and vastly improved test scores and student participation.  (The schools where they teach have mold issues, and the teachers took matters into their own hands)
I could make more money selling air purifiers with expensive filters, but I have a conscious, so I can't. I got into ozone to help offer solutions that positively impact my customer's life, and I have no regrets!  (and to drive the price of ozone generators down - mission accomplished on that front) To keep the costs down, I rely 100% on organic searches and word of mouth.  Our customers tell their friends about their results, and they tell their friends and so on.  If you've never used ozone, or have any questions, call me M-F 9-5, and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. I promise you, if you've never tried ozone, give it a try, ozone is a gift from God, the opposite of what they claim (toxic) ..it's a godsend!

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