Why our Forever Ozone generators are the best value.

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Why our Forever Ozone generators are the best value.

September 29, 2016

best ozone generator value

Forever Ozone invented the "bare bones" ozone generator concept in 2009 to fix the problem of conventional ozone generators that suffer a very high failure rate (due to the timers and on-off switches being destroyed by ozone after only a few months in many cases).  This last year we invented the solid-state ozone generator concept with a built-in ozone plate base, removable dual sided ozone plate, and a detachable grounded power cord. Why are our new ozone generators poised to be around for quite some time while these other types of transformers fade into the sunset?  
1) Removable ozone plates.  Our ozone plates are readily available, easy to clean, remove, and low cost. Others feature cemented wires that will dislodge at some point in time (fire hazard) and don't offer replacement plates for sale.
2) Proper cooling.  Our transformers have a heat sink and are designed to sit on their side so that a fan can hit on the ozone plate AND the heat-sink (underside of the transformer) to keep the plates and transformers cool!  Heat destroys ozone, so proper cooling of the ozone plate is essential.   Frankly, you cannot create high concentrations of ozone if you allow the ozone plate to reach temperatures up to 140 degrees.  You need high ozone concentrations to perform a proper shock treatment.  Our "Cool-Tec" ozone generators do just that.  Also, all competitors ozone transformers sit flush which allows heat to build up inside. We are the only ones to mount our transformers sideways with a heat sink to allow proper cooling.   
3) USA based company.  We've built our business on selling longer lasting, higher quality products. It only cost thirty cents to make these transformers with thicker gauged wires (18 AWG vs 24 in others), but that small difference makes our ozone plates and transformers last 2-3 times longer than the cheaper types sold mainly on eBay and Amazon.  

4) Service and Advice.  Good luck getting someone on the phone to help you with your ozone generator if you buy it on eBay or Amazon!  We love ozone. We love our customers. We love to give free advice.  Our customers love the fact we are easily accessible during business hours and very knowledgeable about all things ozone. If you are not new to ozone, this might not be a big deal. But if you're not, this is the number one reason why Forever Ozone is the best overall value. 
We appreciate and love our customers and want you to know that we have your best interest in heart, we're not here just to make a quick buck like so many here today gone tomorrow sellers on eBay and Amazon!  Forever Ozone is in the ozone business for the long haul and we look forward providing our customers with the best ozone products for many years to come! 

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