Why Going Room to Room With Ozone Generator a Bad Idea.

Why Going Room to Room With Ozone Generator a Bad Idea.

May 11, 2019

Why Going Room to Room With Ozone Generator a Bad Idea.

Many people think they can get by with just ozone generator and taking that ozone generator and going room to room to get rid of third hand smoke damage, killing mites, getting rid of musty smells, etc. The only time one high powered ozone generator will do the job is if 1) the humidity is under 30% 2) the area is smaller than 700 square feet 3) there is no central HVAC system and 4) you are not trying to kill mites or any kids of bugs. If those things don't apply to your situation, you need to buy enough ozone (in milligrams per hour) power to do the entire structure in one shot. I'll explain why. 

Whatever you're dealing with is also in your ducts. You need to fill your home or structure with enough ozone to do the entire structure at one time then turn on your HVAC fan to circulate that ozone throughout your duct work and the entire structure. Also, if the humidity level is 50% indoors, you will need to double the amount of ozone strength.  One thousand milligrams per 100 square feet (20,000 per 2000 sq ft home) only works if the humidity is under 20%. If it's 50%, you'll need 40,000 mg/h for a 2000 square foot structure.

If you're trying to kill mites, they're everywhere, in your ducts, in your sofa, in your rugs, and floating around. If you just shock one area and try to go room by room, our experience is that just won't cut it.  If you don't have an HVAC system (and air ducts) then you can go room by room, but not if you have air ducts. 

The most important component besides the amount of ozone you bring to the dance to take care of the bad guys is the amount of air movement capability you pack. Our 3000 to 4000 metal blade fans pointed at the roof works best at creating high concentrations of ozone fast and keeping them elevated during the shock treatment. That amount of ozone being blasted towards the roof forces the air to come down to ground level where it too will be converted into ozone. If you just buy one ozone machine with a 100 CFM fan, you will create an ozone cloud near the unit but you won't create "shock" levels. That's just not how ozone works. 

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