Air Cleaning Tips for Clean Indoor Air.

Air Cleaning Tips for Clean Indoor Air.

October 15, 2018

let me tell you how to clean indoor air

Here are some free, honest "insider" tips from a former IAQ tester and seller of air purifiers on the best ways to clean your indoor air. No B.S. No sales pitch. Just the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Ready? Okay. Here we go!

The first fact you must take into consideration is that ALL INDOOR AIR IS POLLUTED.  Our structures are built air tight. They don't breath, especially during the winter when indoor air is most polluted. HVAC systems harbor molds, viruses, and bacteria because of the dark, moist nature of those systems. Mild temperature areas without HVAC systems such as those in SoCal where it never gets too cold are very humid, usually over 80%, and those conditions are breeding grounds for dangerous molds, bacteria, as well as an increase in mites of all types that defecate and add to the harmful indoor air conditions. Even new homes can make you sick (sick home syndrome) from all of the chemical off-gassing. So given all of these variables, what is the best way to clean indoor air? 

1) Use box fans in the highest are of your home during warm months to draw indoor air outside and bring in fresh air from lower level open windows. During the winter months, if the air temps reach into the 60's, do this as often as possible. Nothing beats fresh air! (nothing!) 

2) If you have a HVAC system, run it during your waking hours in the "ON" position. That will filter all of the air in your home 2 times per hour because that's how air handlers are designed (move 3000 or more CFM). DON'T RUN AIR PURIFIERS DURING THE DAY! They're worthless at cleaning the air.  (If you own one, use it only while you sleep - not kicking up dust)  We all kick up too much dust while we move around for a 200 CFM fan to have even a tiny positive impact on the indoor air quality. Now, doing this, your HVAC furnace filter will turn black in around 3 weeks. No worries. Buy them 12 at a time from the manufacture on eBay and they'll only cost you around $5 a filter (instead of $25 at Home Depot or Lowes) 

3) If you have an HVAC system, consider installing a UVC induct air purifier with at least 72W (two long 36W lamps) They don't cost much and are a good investment from my perspective, vs buying an air purifier. 

4) Mop and wet dust often to remove dust on surfaces. 

5) Perform regular ozone shock treatments with no humans or pets present to kill any molds, viruses, bacteria, or mites and to neutralize and insect feces. Follow our protocol which calls for short (1 hour) shock treatments with ultra high concentrations of ozone. It doesn't take high levels of ozone to kill the micro-pathogens and parasites that can and do rob us of our health if left unchecked. One hour once a week is plenty to sanitize all of your indoor surfaces and air, and prevent mites from becoming a problem. 

Most people will do the first four but have never tried ozone, and they find they still have issues with respiratory illness during the winter months. The cheapest way to sanitize your indoor air of course is with ozone.  Our ozone generators start at well under $100 and will provide filter-free service for many years (can't beat it for the ROI!) You know, for whatever reason, it just seems that the powers that be don't want people to know about ozone, and we all know that the air purifier shucksters have a financial interest in bad mouthing ozone, so ozone is under-utilized to improve indoor air quality, and that's a shame.

Bottom line, don't take my word for it!  If you've never given ozone a try, what do you have to lose?  Give ozone a try this winter and you'll become a believer, then pass that info on to your family and friends. I promised no sales pitches but do consider using Forever Ozone  - we have the best deals and we answer the phone and give free advice - something most won't unless they're trying to sell you a $1000 machine!  I love helping people obtain optimal health with ozone - and that's why I'm in the ozone business! (Can you tell?) 

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