What is a Commercial Ozone Generator?

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What is a Commercial Ozone Generator?

February 26, 2019

What is a commercial ozone generator?

A commercial ozone generator is a high powered ozone generator that can produce over 40,000 mg/h of ozone via a high powered fan and which is used primarily by mold and smoke remediation contractors. If you search for 'commercial ozone generator' in any search engine however, you will find the cheap Chinese low powered ozone generators sold mostly on Amazon and eBay which are actually ozone air purifiers.  They look like air purifiers, some feature filters, and they are most certainly not used by contractors for anything except maybe as a door stop. 

You need three, four times more ozone than what residential customers typically uses, which is 1000 mg/h per 100 square feet, to quickly elevate the ozone concentration past 6ppm (the concentration needed to remediate smoke damage, ill mold, kill mites, etc)  If you're a residential customer and you own the machine, you can get by waiting thirty minutes or more to get a high ppm of ozone because hey, you own the machine and time is not of the essence. You can run it an hour here, an hour there every day if you want. But contractors don't have that luxury! They need a commercial ozone generator to create a high ppm of ozone FAST and maintain that strong ppm for a short period of time. Something professionals also do that homeowners don't, they lower the humidity with de-humidifiers and after the shock treatment, they open windows and use a 4000 CFM fan to suck all of the ozonated air out of the structure and drawl in fresh air.  Most homeowners don't do that. They don't invest the hundreds of not thousands of dollars in equipment needed to do the job right - professionally. So please, Google, Duckyducky or whatever it's called, do your customers a favor! Start listing commercial ozone generators under that search term and not low powered ozone air purifiers. I'm embarrassed for you, I really am. You call yourself search engines? 

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