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August 07, 2014

Planting some ideas about ozone

Up to now, we haven't done anything to promote the foreverozone.com website.  Why? From its inception, we've been getting all the sales we can handle with our limited staff.  In September of 2014, we decided it was time to "go big" and bring some new people aboard, expand our markets, add new products and services, and grow our business.  We now have a full-time customer service and marketing person, Larry Howard.   Given Larry's past track record, we're sure that Forever Ozone is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. 


Up to now, one of the reasons why our prices have been so low has to do with the fact we didn't spend any money on marketing. We relied on word of mouth, happy customers, and alternative health fans (and doctors) who are fans of Forever Ozone promoting our products to their customers. If you're a fan of our products, and you want to help us keep our prices low, one of the things you can do is "spread the word" about us by posting links to our website with the anchor "ozone generator" or "water ozonator".  Doing that will help us rank higher in the search engines. Currently, we place around 35 on google for ozone generator, despite selling more ozone generators than anyone in the world.  This is mainly because of our lack of promotion due to lack of staff, but now that we have a well-staffed team, we believe we can achieve first-page placement with a little work and a little help from our friends. Together we can help people improve their health and live parasite and pathogen-free! (And save money)

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