Water ozonation is the solution to the Latest E. coli Outbreak In Roma

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Water ozonation is the solution to the Latest E. coli Outbreak In Romaine Lettuce

April 29, 2018

Forever Ozone water ozonator

Each time you soak your veggies in tap water before consuming them raw, you are taking a senseless risk. Tap water doesn't kill viruses and bacteria! The solution is simple, inexpensive, and will actually save you money by making your food last longer (by killing the bacteria that causes food to spoil)  Soaking your food in ozonated water before putting it in the fridge. 

The process is simple. Buy our $119 Digital Water Ozonator / stainless steel barb and glass bubbling stone (does not put impurities into the water the way all Chinese made ozone machines do because of bubbling stones made out of toxic substances and plastic nipples).  Fill the sink with tap water and bubble ozone in for 15 minutes (okay to have food inside while bubbling in)  After 15 minutes, start soaking the veggies, fruits, and lastly meats for a minute or so before bagging them back up and putting them in the fridge. Every week, repeat the process for whatever wasn't consumed to prevent spoilage. I've been able to keep strawberries mold-free for over a month by simply giving them weekly ozone baths. 

I don't know why all supermarkets and grocery stores do not invest in ozone equipment to prevent serious outbreaks of e Coli and to make their veggies last longer. Wouldn't that be considered a "win-win"?  Ozone quickly kills bacteria and viruses, within seconds. It doesn't change the color or taste of food. Spraying veggies with ozone can also do the trick, but soaking works best. The simple fact is that the people who pick our food go number 2 in the fields and then continue to pick veggies with contaminated hands, and we can't stop them from doing so. Sure, they hose off the lettuce and veggies, but that doesn't kill anything. All it takes is one or two heavily contaminated specimens to contaminate a truckload of produce as it's loaded and unloaded.  Ozone is the solution. Why isn't it used? Ignorance. 

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