Using Ozone Sauna While Water Fasting.

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Using Ozone Sauna While Water Fasting.

June 12, 2019

Using Ozone Sauna While Water Fasting.

I love fasting. I water fast for a few weeks each year and when I eat, it's only in a 6-8 hour window each day so that my digestive system gets a 16-18 hour break between meals every day. For longevity, preventing disease, and overall wellness, this is the best way to eat per numerous stuok tdies and antidotal professional observations. (and this)   

I bought a portable sauna for around $100 online which I used on this last fast in order to spice thing up and try something new. Well that's not exactly true. I've been wanting to test an ozone sauna for quite some time. 

Before using the sauna for ozone therapy, I first used it for the extended use; as a heat sauna. I figured that by first opening my pores sweating for 10 minutes or so before filling the space with ozone, I'd enhance the efacacy of the ozone.

The sauna kit comes with a heat humidifier for a wet sauna sensation.  The body tent has an opening on the side to insert the hot air tube.  After getting my sweat on, it was time to allow ozone in to work it's magic on my immune system. I'd do this by opening the portable sauna and letting the hot air out, and when it cooled down, I'd pump ozone in (I added an air out by attaching a separate hose higher up in the tent where the ozone could exit once it built up pressure so that I didn't have to breath it in.) I put that tube out the window so that the excess ozone went outside. I have to say, during my fast, I really got an energy boost from my ozone sauna treatments! It became somewhat of a habit so now I'm going to add it to my weekly regimen at least a few times a week. Your skin is your largest organ, and you can uptake a tremendous amount of ozone through your skin pores.  I use an oxygen concentrator with our 1000 mg/h machine for this sauna therapy.  We're going to start selling the same portable sauna I used (since I have experience with it) for $100 later this week. You can find it in the "water ozonator" section of our website. I think it's the easiest way to flood your body with oxygen which we all know helps boost ones own immune system so that it can fight off disease and keep us well.  

Now that I'm back to eating, here is my "wellness" routine that works for me. For breakfast, I mix some zero calorie "Monster Ultra" with a 2 oz of organic juice (usually pineapple juice) .  I take that a few hours after waking up, usually 9 or 10 AM.  (I drink ozonated water first thing when I get up around 7AM)  My next meal is around 2 PM. I eat whatever I want - as long as it's grass fed, no sugar, unprocessed. Same for dinner around 6PM with my family.  If I have to eat at say 8PM I'll skip the 2PM meal the next day so that my gut has 16-18 hrs to process the previous days meal and to cleanse. Something else I feel helps, I drink a lot of water during the day and I add fiber.  I use different types of fiber, but my water has fiber added to it which I believe helps me clean my gut out better during my daily 16-18 hour fasts. I like organic Psyllium fiber. I also supplement. Too many to list but I'm a big believer in supplementation and also using detox products.

We live in a toxic world. Even if we try to eat healthy, we're being bombarded with toxins all the time. Years ago I would go to Costa Rica once a month to meditate, fast, and detox from the world but now I do it from home. Our soul can be detoxed by meditating and following "true principles" which all revolve around the "law of love."  At the end of the day, energy beings is who we really are.  Sure, we have to interact with the material matrix while we're in this "life" I like to think of as a "simulation" to test our consciousness to see if it's ready for higher consciousness, but we don't have to fall for the hokie-doke / rat race that the negative forces that rule this world throw our way. Chill out! Unplug! Step aside from the material things (fasting) and towards the god particle that is ozone to cleanse your material body from this sick, polluted world!  Use meditation and living correct true principles to live stress free "win" at this game of life. It's not that hard, if you learn certain secret truths that shouldn't be secret, they are, because the greedy people who run this world seem to want human suffering. It's up to you however to take this life by the horns and create your own reality (law of attraction - law of karma) by choosing true principles that bring long term joy and wellness. I've shared some of those secrets in this post. Enjoy! 

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