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May 12, 2015

ozone benefits

First, all ozonators are not equal. The cheap Chinese ozonators add a lot of impurities along with the ozone in the water.  Yes, you get ozone, but you also get a multitude of "crap" because the ozone interacts with the cheap plastics and nylons to create impurities in the water, some cancer-causing to be blunt. What makes our water ozonators different from the Chinese made machines that flood the market are 1) 5" Glass ozone tube (1000 mg/h)  with PVC nipples instead of metal ozone tubes with plastic or metal nipples.  Most ozonators use 2-3" metal tubes (200-500 mg/h) with plastic nipples that turn yellow and break down over time, leaching chemicals into the water.  2) Silicone tubing.  Most ozonators feature cheaper nylon tubing that leaches chemicals into the water.  We only use silicone tubing that will not leach chemicals into the water. 3) Ozone-resistant aerator stone. Most ozonators feature aquarium grade aerator stones that will leach chemicals into the water.  Our stones are explicitly made for ozone generators and feature ozone resistant Kynar nipples and glass (silica) instead of stone. 4) Lifetime warranty.  The OG-1000 is the last ozonator you'll ever have to buy.  Most Chinese made ozonators last less than a year (when used daily).  5) Cooling fan.  Most ozonators reside within a small plastic box, without a cooling fan.  They're good for 2-3 minutes runs but if you run it for long periods of time, the transformer will burn out and the ozone tube will become so hot that the ozone will is destroyed within seconds.  Our ozonator features a cooling fan and plenty of ventilation (front side open) to allow heat to disperse.  As a result, you can run this machine for hours on end, perfect for ozonating oils.  We also give great information (our protocol) for creating ozonated olive oil that you won't find elsewhere. 


If you use one of our ozonators or another high-quality ozonator, then you can benefit from the ozonated water!  Here are the most important applications for ozonated water:


1) Gargle: Allow the ozonated water to kill the bacteria in your mouth that enters your blood via your gums and causes heart disease, bad breath, and gum disease. Gargle after each meal and in the mornings and evenings as well.

2) Clean fruit and veggies. Ozone kills the bacteria and viruses that often lurk in your produce as well as breaks down any pesticides.  Soak your food in ozonated water before storing in the fridge and again before eating. 

3) Clean your skin.  Wash your hands and face with ozonated water to destroy the harmful stuff and promote younger looking skin via an infusion of oxygen. 


4) Drink ozone water in the morning.  Drinking ozonated water in the morning on an empty stomach seems to deposit the ozone right into your gut where it can kill the harmful yeast (candida) that causes sugar cravings and promote weight gain.  The drinking of ozone water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will kill your appetite and perhaps let you skip breakfast for an hour or two. Follow up by taking probiotics with your sensible breakfast.  I recommend fresh juices if you're trying to lose weight (nothing substantial) and some protein powder added if you need the extra energy. 


You can use ozone to clean a ton of things, but these are the 4 main uses for ozonated water in my opinion that everyone could use to promote good or better health.  

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