Secret to Sucess: Adaptation.

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Secret to Sucess: Adaptation.

June 03, 2019

Secret to Sucess: Adaptation.

Most people don't like change. However, one of the 'secrets' to our universe is that everything is 'programmed' to naturally seek order out of chaos. This code if you will conspires against those who refuse to evolve and adapt to a changing world, and inevitably, leaves them behind.  

One of the reasons I am into ozone is that in these "later days" we are going to be afflicted by many pestilences and pandemics that ozone can counter. There will be antibiotic resistant bacteria but there will never be an ozone resistant bacteria!  Mites and little critters may become weaponized but they cannot survive waves of ozone shock treatments!  

Let me give some examples on how I've changed over the years. I used to believe in Western Medicine. I accepted what they said and took it in hook line and sinker.  Now, I seek food, fasting, and supplementation to stay well. I used to believe in the Western way of "grazing" with small meals throughout the day. In my youth I was a personal trainer and I learned / taught those seeking to lose weight that this was for sure the best way to eat because it kept one from storing glucose as fat. I now know that intermittent fasting is the healthiest way to eat. Why?  Fasting's effect on insulin and stem cells mainly, and many research studies that suggest eating in this way bodes well for both wellness and longevity. 

(NOTE: Recent research is starting to expose fasting as the "magic pill" to fighting and beating cancer.  Fasting itself kills cancer but if you must take chemo, fasting while you take chemo amplifies the success at killing cancer cells while at the same time protecting other cells and preventing severe side effects. )

Now on to the real point of this post.  Forever Ozone is going to start advertising on Facebook and Amazon. We've prided ourselves on a "no advertising - 100% referral" business model but it's time to change. We're also going to create a Facebook group (members only) to discuss ozone shock treatment and ozone therapy issues.  

The business world is changing, a world that I don't particularly like (privacy issues - trans-human agenda, globalist agenda, robots-Ai-automation replacing humans, etc.)  However, advertising on Facebook and Amazon just seems like the smart thing to do, business wise. Here at, we don't sell our customers private information to third parties like large do.  When you purchase from us, you won't get any spam emails or targeted ads. What you will get is a real human on the other side of a phone call if you ever need help or expert advise using your product. (Good luck getting that from Amazon or Ebay sellers.)  

We have some exciting new products coming down the pike, products you won't find anywhere else but here. Check back often, you're going to like what we have to offer! When I set-up the Facebook group, I'll make another post. Stay tuned!

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