Repeat after me. Antibiotics Bad. Ozone Good.

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Repeat after me. Antibiotics Bad. Ozone Good.

April 20, 2019

Repeat after me. Antibiotics Bad. Ozone Good.

With the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, you'd think that silly humans would finally learn that "it is not wise to fool with Mother Nature."  What did Mother Nature give us to kill the "bad guys" (bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, parasites, etc) that seek to rob us of our health? Ozone.  The God Particle Ozone not only kills bacteria, it also super charges our immune system so that it can fulfill the measure of it's divine creation; keep us healthy and fight off disease. Bacteria has never and will never be resistant to ozone. Ozone shows up to the party, bacteria ends up dead. Simple as that. From the beginning to the end of this simulation we call life, that's just the way it is, that's the way it was, and that's the way it will be. 

Our gut is being bombarded with antibiotics every day from the highly antibiotic laden meats we eat and the milk we drink. Those poor creatures must suffer like hell for months, standing in their own feces with open wounds, breathing contaminated hot disgusting air, enduring hellish conditions. Given that karma is a "thing" within the divine algorithm programmed in this simulation we call life, it is no wonder that people who consume a lot of NON grass fed, NON organic meats or milk products often suffer from poor health. The USA might be the richest country in the world but it's not even close to being the healthiest. On the contrary, it's the sickliest of the major developed countries.  I quote: 

"The report finds Americans are more likely than people in other developed countries to have more than one chronic condition such as arthritis, heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes. It found 28 percent of Americans have multiple chronic conditions, compared to 14 percent in Britain and the Netherlands, 18 percent in France and 22 percent in Canada."(Source)

When our immune system becomes weak and we become sick, mainly because of poor gut flora (bad bacteria outnumbers good bacteria) we go to the latest greatest antibiotic to wage war. What will happen when all bacteria is antibiotic resistant? Will Western Medicine then embrace ozone? No. I doubt it. Why? No money in it. Anyone can buy an ozone machine and treat themselves. Instead, Western Medicine will come up with new vaccines that promise relief or prevention, that's their MO.  They will demand we poison ourselves with their new mandated vaccine "or else". (vaccines also suppress our immune system for weeks - making us more susceptible to illness) What is wrong with this picture? 

What is wrong with this picture is that our health care system is a profit based system that does not seek to cure but instead to treat and manage disease, and it seems to be doing a great job, bases on the fact the USA spends the most on healthcare and has the sickliest citizens among the worlds modernized countries. 

CONCLUSION: Don't outsource your wellness to the government. Don't outsource it to a doctor who works to promote Pharma drugs.OWN YOUR OWN WELLNESS and stay away from things that harm your health!  Utilize ozone to treat your air and water and keep the "bad guys" that can, if left unchecked, rob you of your health!  Clean your produce with ozone water to kill the bacteria that causes food to spoil or to make you sick. (will also break down the pesticides that kill the good bacteria in your gut)  Don't eat GMO foods! Don't drink fluoride water!  Gargle with ozone after meals to kill the bacteria in your gums that has been tied to both heart disease and Alzheimer's. (see also) If you have serious gum issues, sit outside with a fan blowing on you (so that you don't breath the ozone) and sit there and hold a silicone tube from an ozonator blowing ozone onto your gums for 10 minutes a day.  You can also allow the ozone to blow into your ears or other regions (RI ozone) to get ozone into your body, but the easiest way is to bubble ozone into water and drink it often. Once your immune system is healthy, then you can supplement with vitamins and do detox protocols because then and only then will your blood and immune system be able to carry things in and out of your cells.  Ozone is the first step towards wellness. 

Bottom line, bacteria will never be resistant to ozone. Western Medicine will always be resistant to ozone. The wise will never be resistant to ozone, and they will reap the benefits this God particle has on their immune system and keeping the "bad guys" away so that wellness and good health can prevail. Amen. 



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