September 16, 2015

Air purifiers are a waste of money

Before I started Forever Ozone I was an IAQ tester and seller of air purifiers online.  Most of the people had air purifiers, yet the dust ratings just 5 feet from their tabletop machines was off the charts, almost as if an air purifier wasn't even present.  Why?  We're always kicking up dust as we move around.  Also, you need to move a lot of air to move the dust from point A near your roof to point B (the air purifier) and guess what?  Air purifiers have 100 CFM fans (like most ozone machines) that are virtually worthless at churning the air. Worst of all, they're a waste of money (replacement filters and wasted electricity).  That's adding insult to injury!  

 So what do I recommend for improving indoor air quality and removing dust? (what do I do?)

 1) I run my HVAC fan 24/7 and replace the furnace filters ever 20-30 days with MERV 11 filters (Pay around $5 a piece because I buy them by the case on ebay)  HVAC fans are usually 100-200 Watts so they won't break the bank when it comes to increased electricity charges. 

2) I have a UVC Induct air sanitizer in my HVAC system to zap any viruses, pathogens or molds that happen to get through the filters. I've also installed a nano TIO2 mesh filter I sold back in the day around the UVC lamp for added hydroxyl radical oxidizers that are not harmful to breath and to increase the sanitation effect. (we have dogs) 

3) I use a vacuum cleaner that pulls the dirt into water instead of a bag so that when I have my place vacuumed, it doesn't fill the air with dust.  I bought it off Craigslist for $100, brand new they're $500 (Hyla Brand) 

 4) Whenever I leave the house I put fido in the back yard and conduct a 1 hr ozone shock treatment to zap any surface viruses, bacteria etc and to kill the dust mites and inactivate their feces. (yuck!)  Bug feces is the #1 allergen I encountered in "sick homes" that were making people sick. Dust won't make you sick per se but inhaling biologically harmful material ....not good, to say the least. 

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