Pool Ozone Generator.

Pool Ozone Generator.

March 17, 2019

Pool Ozone Generator

Our 5g ozone generator makes a great pool ozone generator. What does it take to make your pool chlorine free?  1) 5g of ozone per hour for 15,000 gallons. 2) A copper or silver ionizer.  3) Weekly potassium shock treatments.  The potassium shocks treatments you will need to perform weekly (good idea to add a little after heavy pool usage by kids) along with the constant ozone and silver nano particles (harmless - some say good for you) will keep the water crystal clear without the need for any chlorine. We will re-sell the copper and silver ionizers next month, check under the "pool ozone generator" section of our website for more information regarding that product. 

What makes our pool ozone generator different? After looking at the pool ozone generators on the market, I deduced that they all have a major flaw. They all use ambient air from outside to feed the ozone tube (or UV lamp in some cases) In humid areas, that won't bode well on the ozone element. Our pool ozone generator has a six foot long silicone air intake tube.  We recommend drilling a small hole into the room adjacent to your pool's water filtration system and inserting the silicone tube through the wall (close it up with caulking) so that the ozone tube receives air from inside your home where the air is cool and dry. You can also opt to connect an oxygen concentrator to feed your pool ozone generator for even better results. Either way, you're feeding the ozone tube dry, cool, or oxygen rich air verses hot humid air like all other pool ozone generators on the market receive.  

European pools have been using the combination of ozone and silver ion particles with a potassium shock to keep their pools chlorine free as well as crystal clear and safe. Ozone pools haven't taken off in the USA mainly because of the equipment. It's too expensive and has failure issues caused by getting fed hot sometimes moist air. Our protocol will fix this issue.  \

Chlorine is terrible for your kids health.  It has been tied to asthma and respiratory issues in heavy swimmers. Converting your pool to ozone and silver ions / potassium shocks will save you money over the long run, but the real reason why you want to do this is for better health. 

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