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October 25, 2014

mold and ozone

I am often asked how one can use our ozone machines to deal with toxic mold issues. Hopefully, this article helps to answer that question.


My opinion is that toxic mold issues should be adjudicated by professionals. Toxic mold is no joke. It can kill you. Why risk it? If you suspect you have a toxic mold issue, you should 1) Call your insurance company. 2) Have a professional test to determine the type of mold (toxic mold mostly grows on wood, sheetrock etc not cement or tile). 3) If you have toxic mold, call an attorney. Get the money you need to fix the problem.


Can you kill toxic mold with ozone? Sure, if you first remove the moisture source (leaky pipe, etc) but at the end of the day, you still have the toxic mold that needs to be physically removed. Special air cleaners need to be employed, the area has to be sealed to prevent the toxic mold from spreading, HAZMAT suits need to be worn, then afterward ozone is used to kill any stray mold spores in the are or on surfaces.  There is A LOT more to the process than simply running an ozone generator for a few hours.  I wish it was just as simple as buying one of our ozone generators and VIOLA!, no more mold issues, but frankly it's not!  Now I know this article will cause some people to forego buying our ozone generator to deal with their mold issue, but when it comes to something as serious as toxic mold and one's health, I err on the side of health over self-interest.  Please don't believe the simplified hype and consult with professionals and do some research before trying to do it yourself!  


That being said, the proper use of an ozone generator to perform an ozone shock treatment in an unoccupied space is very beneficial to anyone with a mold problem.  How can ozone generators help with mold issues?  One hour daily ozone shock treatments to sterilize the air and surfaces and deal with the airborne mold spores does help. Done right, an ozone shock treatment will sterilize your area and rid it not only of mold spores but dust mites and dust mite droppings (major indoor air allergen).  What is needed? You need 1000 mg/h of ozone per 100 sq. ft. and box fans to churn the air in order to perform a proper ozone shock treatment.  You'll need to space the ozone machines out ever 20 feet or so with a box fan behind each one. Don't be fooled into buying one machine touting very high ozone output, they can't deliver the stated output because ozone is created from the oxygen content in the air and there is only so much oxygen per square foot which limits the amount of ozone any machine can make!  We've found that two 3500 mg/h ozone plates spaced at least a few inches apart will create the max amount of ozone if fed with a 2500-3000 CFM 20" box fan.  If we were to place four 7000 mg/h machines in close proximity they would still only create 7000 mg/h.  Now if you space them 20 feet apart throughout the structure ...that's a different story.  That will convert the oxygen into ozone and create a high concentration of ozone.  


Besides using ozone generators spaced at least 20 feet apart to shock the air daily, you should also run your HVAC system in the "ON" position 24/7 so that all of the air in your dwelling will get sucked through the furnace filter at least 3 times an hour.  The fans in modern HVAC systems are very efficient, under 150 watts ($8 a month power usage) Next, invest in an induct UVC system with a 16" lamp. (BEST DEAL I CAN FIND)  They will kill the mold spores that make it past the  MERV 11 filters you will BUY FROM EBAY and change every month. (About $5 a filter vs. $20 at the hardware store).  Before I got into ozone I was in the IAQ industry testing the air and installing air purification systems.  I'm sharing the most effective, least expensive way to clean your air.  Don't waste your money on an air purifier. They are not useful because they can't filter enough air fast enough to make a difference. Total waste of money, especially tabletop air purifiers vs a $5 MERV 11 filter, a $70 induct UV system, and ozone shock treatments to sterilize everything.


Conclusion:  Use common sense when dealing with your health.  Don't waste $1000's of dollars thinking you need to spend a lot of money to fix a problem. Sometimes simple solutions, keeping it simple is the best solution.  Don't try dealing with a toxic mold issue yourself!  And for crying out loud, don't waste your money on expense air purifiers or air ozone generators claiming to produce 10,20, 40 grams of ozone per hour to try and deal with a mold issue!  All it takes is doing an ozone shock treatment for one hour a day PLUS installing an induct UV system PLUS changing your $5 MERV 11 furnace filter every month. THAT'S IT! You can rid your air of dust particles (and mold) if you follow these recommendations, but don't forget, FIRST allow professionals to deal with the toxic mold extraction!  Don't try to do it yourself.  This is barring none the most efficient (and cost-effective to boot) way of improving your indoor air quality.  

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