Our Ozone Plates run Cool - Produce More Ozone.

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Our Ozone Plates run Cool - Produce More Ozone.

February 26, 2019

Cool-Tec Ozone Plates

Our ozone generator ballasts was designed so that the air from a can bear down on the ozone plate to provide superior cooling. All other ozone generators on the market allow the air from a weal 100 CFM computer fan (in most cases) to pass over both sides of the ozone plate at the same time. That does not provide the cooling, the friction needed to keep the ozone plate under 80 degrees. Most ozone plates run in the 120 to 140 degree range. Heat destroys ozone, and at those temps, most of the ozone being produces is quickly broken down. Those high temps will also create more NoX, the "burnt ozone" smell the cheap ozone generators make that lingers for days.  (not an issue with our Cool-Tec concept).

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