Our Newest Innovation: Jumbo Sized 10g Ozone Plates

Our Newest Innovation: Jumbo Sized 10g Ozone Plates

July 17, 2018

10,000 mgh ozone plate

Every year, we come out with one or two new innovations.  Our newest innovation is a large one-sided 10,000 mgh (milligram per hour) ozone plate that stays cooler than our old 10g double sided ozone plate. Our "Keep it Simple" design calls for a plugin ozone plate (no soldering needed) that is situated less than 1 inch from the fan so that the air can hit the ozone plate flush. Mostly all other ozone generators on the market feature a major design flaw. They cool their ozone plates by blowing air over the ozone plate from the side in which case the air "planes" over the ozone plate.  This does not provide proper cooling because the air does not create proper friction with the hot surface. Look at it this way. If you have a hot plate and you want to cool it, what will cool the plate better, having the air from a fan hit the plate flush (head on) at a very close distance or having the air rush over both sides and "plane" from a distance?  Having the air hit the surface flush will provide the superior cooling. All of our "Cool-Tec" ozone generators have this and several other features that prevent the ozone plate from getting over 100 degrees which translates into limited NoX production and no 'burnt ozone' smell when you're done with your ozone shock treatment. You can't get this feature in a Chinese made ozone generator.   

Why this new "Jumbo" sided ozone plate design? We are constantly looking for different ways to keep the ozone plate as cool as possible. This larger plate does just that, and it doesn't need to cycle the plates with a repeat cycle timer as was the case with the double-sided plate units. The new units that features these larger one-sided plates will feature a 24 hr programmable timer instead.  This large ozone plate is harder for us to ship which will cost us more money in packing supplies, and it does feature two times more ceramic than the old 10g plate. (Priced at $18). 

If you own a 10g "Cool-Tec" ozone generator with the repeat cycle feature, stick to using the double-sided ozone plate. You can upgrade to this new ozone plate but you'll need to pay $12 to upgrade to the new transformer that puts all of the electricity on one side of the plate vs powering both sides. Those transformers employ different technology and will only power-up these plates 1/2 way, so you would need to upgrade your transformer to utilize this ozone plate upgrade.  

I like this new ozone plate. It stays cooler than the double sided plate and since the air from the fan hits it head on vs skimming over the edge like other ozone generators on the market, it stays cooler and produces higher ozone concentrations than anything else on the market. They're going to be tricky and more expensive to ship, but we'll figure it out. 

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