Our new commercial 50,000 mg/h Cool-Tec Ozone Generator

Our new commercial 50,000 mg/h Cool-Tec Ozone Generator

August 03, 2017

50,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator

This new 50,000 mg/h Industrial ozone generator does things no other ozone generator (at any price) can do: 

1) Blows air over 2000 CFM of air towards the roof. Perfect for doing a "whole home" ozone shock treatment by blowing ozone into the air return. Since ozone is heavier than air, that's hard to do unless you're shooting the ozone straight up at a high velocity. This unit does. 

2) Features 5 independent Transformers, each with a power cord. (Surge protector / on-off switch provided)  The idea here is to still be in business if one of the transformers fails. When they do, an easy two screw repair job is all it takes to switch them out! (Free if it happens during your 5-year warranty).  

3) If and when the fan fails, it's a simple 20" box fan so switching it out is as simple as removing four metal screws and replacing the fan which cost under $20. Again, designed for easy, inexpensive repair. Compare that to other machines that cost upwards of $150 to ship back and forth for repair. 

4) Cool-Tec means the air blows flush against the fan; not rushes past both sides as is the case with most other designs. The back acrylic panel is only 1" away from the back of the ozone plate.  Air has to escape the top opening via a 3" x 20" gap in the process rushing past the back side of the ozone plate at a high velocity and cooling the back side of the plate well (keeping the back side of the plate under 100 degrees).  Our tests show that blowing air over both sides of the ozone plate will result in ozone plate temperatures up to 150 degrees. Since heat destroys ozone, plates that hot won't create much ozone at all. 

5) Superior timer. You can choose between three different timers.  1) A 24 hour, 15-minute interval timer. 2) A "smart socket" wi-fi timer/smartphone app that allows you to turn this ozone generator on and off by pushing a button on your cell phone.  3)  A repeat cycle timer.  This "repeat cycle " feature is useful for commercial applications like pot grow rooms, chicken farms, pig farms, etc. 

6) 16 gauge galvanized steel case. 


We're selling this unit for the initial cost of $399 which includes 2-day priority mail shipping in the USA. It comes with a 5-year warranty, but when the time does come to switch out parts, believe me, you'll be happy you bought this machine!    

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