New High Tech Timers Now Available

New High Tech Timers Now Available

May 03, 2017

New High Tech Timers Now Available

We've added several new timers to our product offering, just in time for the warm weather months. In this post, I'll explain how these new timers help our ozone generators achieve the highest ozone concentrations possible and why they're a "must have" item during the summer months. 


The three timers we now offer are 1) 24 hour, 15-minute interval timer 2) Repeat Cycle Timer / Countdown Featureand 3) Cell Phone Controlled On-Off Outlet 


During the winter months, it's okay to go with the 15-minute interval timers. When temperatures are in the 40's and 50's, the wind chill from a box fan pushing 3000 CFM is cold enough to cool the ozone plates given our "open" design with chilled air that doesn't allow our ozone plates to get much over 100 degrees.  Why is it important to keep the ozone plates as cool as possible?  Heat destroys ozone at higher temperatures.  Anything above 120 and the ozone production starts to go down over time, at 150 degrees the ozone production is way down, about 80%.  Most ozone generators feature a small 100 CFM fan and house the ozone plate inside a cabinet that radiates heat. You can feel the hot air coming out of those machines! That's why those types of ozone generators don't produce as much ozone as our open air designed machines that also feature a sideways sitting transformer (as opposed to sitting flat on top of the heat sink and holding the heat inside of the transformers as is the case with the cheap Chinese knockoffs of our open air design)  Cooler machine = more ozone. 


With the 15 minute interval timer, we recommend 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for several hours, then 1.5 hours off every 4 hours.  This prevents the high ozone concentrations our ozone machines create from harming the foam in your furniture or under your carpets, the most vulnerable substrates in your home (to ozone).  


How do you keep your ozone plates cool during the summer months?  We recommend in upgrading to our "heat sink" ozone plates and utilizing a repeat cycle timer or the "cell phone" on - off outlet that allows you to cut the ozone generator on with the push of a button on your cell phone from anywhere. (that's my favorite timer by far!)  I've have ozone machines mounted in the bathrooms, kitty litter room, and kitchen and can cut the machine on for a few seconds to a minute any time the need arises, all from my phone. (very convenient)  Also, I can turn all of our ozone generators on when I step outside the house to sanitize surfaces and kill any harmful things in the air and then have them cut-off 1 hour before I get back home.  (make sure the pets are kept outside however).  I also keep one in the attic of our cabin in case I hear rodents or critters crawling around. I can scare them away by blasting them with ozone with the touch of a button on my phone - and I have to admit, it's fun!  


The repeat cycle timer is great if you live in a hot weather environment. When used in conjunction with the heatsink ozone plates, it's possible to achieve high ozone concentrations simply by turning the AC down low and having the timer cut on for 10 seconds on, 20 or 30 seconds off for a few hours. This will produce a sweet ozone smell and high ozone concentration because hot ozone plates create a lot of NoX and other byproducts that leave a "burnt ozone smell" that lingers, mostly during the warmer months. (and when  using the old style plates without a heat sink)  Those work fine during the cold winter months but not so good during the warm months. 


Foreverozone is always looking for ways to improve our customers lives by helping them create the purest, cleanest ozone possible at the lowest possible price. These new innovations (timers and  heat sinks) will help our customers do just that. If you purchased our 20,000 mg/h ozone generator and would like to upgrade to our new heat sink ozone plates, we'll throw in a free repeat cycle timer with the purchase of 2 ozone plates. Just leave a note that states you're a past customer and you own our 20,,000 mgh ozone generator and the timer is yours, free. Our way of letting you know we care about our customers and are always on your side! 

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