New Foreverozone Ozone Douche - Rectal and Vaginal Cleaner

New Foreverozone Ozone Douche - Rectal and Vaginal Cleaner

July 19, 2017

Ozone ass and pussy washer

Hello folks. I'm not ashamed to say that ozone is my doctor and has kept me healthy for years, but I am a little weary of selling this product I use daily. It's just one of those subject matters that one does not relish discussing with strangers if you know what I mean. 


Well, I'm going to give this another try. This is such a great product and application I feel obligated, but please, don't call and ask how to use it. The instructions are simple. You fill it with ozone water. You push down on the pump to shoot that ozone water after you've inserted it into your cavity while tightening your muscles down there, you hold the ozone water inside for a few seconds, you let up on the muscles, and you expel the water.  When you're done, you clean the catheter with warm soapy water, and you throw it back under your bathroom sink. That's about it. 


This product is made out of ozone resistant materials and comes with a 5-year warranty. The one I've been using for all these years shows no signs of breaking down at all. It's a great product and something else you'll only find on 

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