New! $29.99 for a 3500 mgh Bare Bones Ozone Generator

New! $29.99 for a 3500 mgh Bare Bones Ozone Generator

March 19, 2018

3500 mgh ozone generator - bare bones

We decided to bring back our original "Bare Bones" ozone generatorfor our new eBay store.  We invented the "bare bones" ozone generator concept in 2010 to bring the price of ozone generators down. The Chinese copied our concept and started to make these ridiculous stacked ozone plate machines that over-heat and catch fire easily and which feature ozone plates that can't be replaced. I think it's a Chinese conspiracy to fill our landfills with toxic electronic parts, lol.  Anyway, we need to compete with China on price so here you go, a bare-bones ozone generator that won't overheat (can be run for hours on end) and that provides proper cooling for the transformer and plate. You see, their bare bones stacked transformers sit flush with the ground, and that design doesn't allow the transformer to get proper cooling. Our design provides two ways to cool the transformer. One, a sideways mount so that the box fan blowing air onto the ozone plate can also cool the transformer and two, a heat sink.  The removable 3500 mg/h ozone plate can also receive air "head on" from the box fan, vs their design that has the air rush over both sides of the plate which doesn't create the necessary air friction needed for proper cooling. Their design is a complete train wreck. Our 3500 barebones ozone generator will create much higher concentrations of ozone than their so-called 10,000 mg/h machines!  Why? Heat. Their units run hot. They even tell you not to run them for more than 30 minutes unless you want to burn down your house. Our bare-bones ozone generators feature a closed circuit motherboard that shuts down automatically if it overheats, and because of the design, it doesn't overheat and can be run for many hours on end without any problem!  Since heat destroys ozone, and our design allows for proper cooling, (box fan hitting ozone plate flush - and transformer bottom) you can create much higher ozone concentrations with our bare bones invention vs the Chinese knock-off design that looks great but doesn't perform well.  We're all about the American way, performance, innovation, quality, and a product that can withstand the test of time. And lastly, a company that will pick up the phone and provides service after the sale.  Beat that China! (they can't, they never have, and they never will) 


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