Can Forever Ozone Generators Remove more VOC's than a Molekule?

Can Forever Ozone Generators Remove more VOC's than a Molekule?

April 29, 2019

Can Forever Ozone Generators Remove more VOC's than a  Molekule?

I read a post about ozone generators called "What Ozone Generator Manufacturers Won't Tell You" on the Molekule website  That article that ranks high in Google when you search for "ozone generators' casts serious shade on the entire ozone generator industry but unfortunately plays fast and lose with the data and facts. It reminds me of the tobacco company scientists that claimed smoking wasn't addictive and didn't cause cancer based on the data. Data can be spun to say whatever you want, if you adjust the variables. That's what the air purifier industry does with ozone. They cite studies that say it can't remove VOC's or kill mold at 100 ppb (parts per billion, or 1 part per million) when the EPA guideline for indoor ozone is 1 part per million! (dishonest). 

Needless to say, I wasn't happy with the many flat out prevarications that I read in that professionally written diatribe, so this uneducated blogger who sells ozone generators is going to write a rebuttal to try and un-spin all of that spin. Try not to get dizzy!  

The piece starts:

"Reviewed by Dr. Yogi Goswami PhD, Co Founder and Chief"

Advertising can be powerful. You may have heard manufacturers describe ozone generators as “natural odor removers” that work “the way nature intended.” But are these claims misleading? Find out more about ozone air purifiers in this article to help you decide what is best for you and your family.

So the piece was reviewed by a PhD and not written. Duly noted. That makes me feel better about said PhD. As for advertising, I agree. It seems that many questionable, over-hyped under performing products can sell well with slick marketing. It's harder to make a living relying 100% on word of mouth and organic search results. It requires you put in some work and sell a good product. That's how Forever Ozone markets it's products, via world of mouth, happy customers, referrals, and organic search results.  That gives me an idea. Why not make contest, do a study with verifiable test results, the Molekule vs Forever Ozone? Loser gives the other side $10,000 (held in escrow until after the test study)  I'd be willing to put our VOC solution up against theirs any day of the week. Ozone shock treatments cause off-gassing chemicals to become airborne where they can then easily be flushed out of a home or structure.  Table top air purifiers that don't move much air can't do much to lover VOC levels. I know this to be a fact and am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Next falsehood:

When you hear the term “ozone” you may think of the ozone layer, which protects all life from the dangerous UV radiation of the sun. This is the “good” ozone that is present in the stratosphere. But the ozone at ground level is “bad” since it is hazardous to health and is classified as an air pollutant by the EPA.

It's true, the EPA incorrectly calls ozone "smog." That of course is not true. Ozone is natures response to smog. No smog from tail pipes, factories, fires, etc, no ozone present in the air. Ozone only forms to break down and clean up the mess, that's all. Why vilify three oxygen atoms? Maybe to draw attention away from the polluters who pay taxes is my guess. Blame it on mother nature's response. That isn't very nice though to spread falsehoods.

The next statement "ozone is hazardous to health" or "toxic" to me is pure lunacy. Ozone therapy has been used for well over 100 years with millions of "miraculous" results and virtually no side effects. People suffering from incurable cancers, AIDS, you name it have been 100% cured with ozone therapy. Why? Ozone stimulates one's own immune system by super charging it to fight disease!  Ozone per se doesn't cure anything, it simply gives your mitochondria, blood cells, T1 and T2 cells, and immune system the oxygen it needs to get the job done - fight off disease. Here are a few studies for your consideration:  ozone cures cancer, 2, 3,4,5, 116 cases. Dr Lebowitz.(look him up in Santa Monica CA if you have cancer, Lyme's, AIDS, etc)  Now. Common sense. if ozone was "hazardous" or toxic then  how in the world could it help treat what Western Medicine in some cases calls incurable diseases? Why is ozone used to purify water in waste water treatment plants better by the way than chlorine? (The EWG found that waste water treatment plants that use ozone to sanitize over chlorine have much less sex hormones and pharma drugs in tap water.  Chlorine - can't break those things down, ozone can.) Speaking of water, if you drink too much water too fast you can die. Does that make water toxic, just because it can cause death if used in excess? No. I would also consider that psycho babble.  Moving on. This hit piece points out that breathing high concentrations of ozone is harmful to the lungs, which of course is true. Nobody advocates breathing high concentrations of ozone. We advocate ultra high concentrations of ozone 600 to 15,000 ppb, in unoccupied spaces that afterwards are flushed out with fresh air.  It's like dropping an oxygen bomb in the air that gets rid of all the 'bad guys' ...that's all. Why do you need such high concentrations to break down VOC's and kill parasites? At high concentrations, the hydrogen bonds in chemicals break down and the membrane in parasites rupture. In low concentrations like 100 ppb, they don't.  That's why studies criticizing ozone always use 100 ppm (1 part per million). That's the amount of ozone you breath high in the mountains, and by the way, studies have shown that people who live in those conditions are healthier, have better lung function, have faster metabolisms, just to name a few benefits of living in the mountains where ozone is around 100 ppb. The longest living tribe (125 years) that never get cancer live high in the mountains and breath 100 ppb of ozone daily. Does that mean breathing ozone is healthy? I'm not saying that, because then I'd be no better than them. Next point:

Research has found that ozone generators were not effective at stopping mold or bacteria growth in a standard hospital room, and would require unsafe levels of ozone to do the job at all (Dyas, Boughton, & Das, 1983). For mold growth, public health departments do not recommend using ozone generators for clean-up, saying that ozone even at high levels cannot control mold.

MY COMMENT:  Unsafe levels are used in ozone shock treatments, 6 to 15 times more ozone than what is considered safe to breath. That's why it's called a "shock" treatment. Also, you can't control mold with ozone or any air cleaner! The only way to "control" mold is to find the water leak (or source of moisture) and cut it off, or to use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity levels so that mold can't grow. What ozone can do to mold however is kill the airborne spores so that they don't make you sick. Air purifiers are worthless on mold because as you're walking around you're constantly kicking up dust and mold spores (if they are present)  You need ozone gas to kill the airborne mold. Why you hate'n on ozone so much, brah?  

Performance against VOCs

You may be asking yourself, if ozone gas is effective at anything, it should work on other gaseous pollutants (specifically volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) right? Well, it might not, unless you wait for thousands of years in some cases. A research study (Boeniger, 1995) analyzed how long it would take to remove 14 of the most common organic compounds found in the air. It was found that at ozone concentrations of 100 ppb, it would take 880+ years for six of these pollutants to be broken down into half of their initial concentrations (half-lives). In fact, it would take more than 4,400 years for formaldehyde! Only one pollutant, styrene, was found to have a half-life of about 4 hours.

MY COMMENT: 100 ppb?  How disingenuous and misleading. Stating that the amount of ozone in mountain air (70-100 ppb) isn't effective at getting rid of VOC's and trying to tie that to suggest an ozone shock treatment can't reduce VOC's? A video exist on YouTube that show how ineffective the $800 Molekule machine failing at reducing VOC's in a tiny 10 by 10 foot room, let alone an entire house. Ozone shock treatments is how furniture manufacturers lower VOC off-gassing from furniture before when the government contract mandates certain VOC off-gassing levels.  They throw the furniture in an empty semi truck trailer, they pump in ozone on and off for a week straight (airing it out along the way) and then a week later, VIOLA, hardly any off-gassing.  Since VOC's are a gas, the only way to force them to come out is to use a gas (ozone) to go in and break those chemicals down. that's just a fact of science. Once airborne, it's easy to flush those harmful tiny particles out of the house or structure or furniture. The point is that ozone helps break down VOC's at very HIGH concentrations, not 100 ppb.  We recommend 20 to 30 grams of ozone per 1000 square feet, on and off for one week, air being flushed out several times a day when trying to deal with a "sick home" structure.  The use of carbon filters is also recommended. I strongly object to the sale or use of table top air purifiers to try and deal with mold, VOC, or third hand smoke issues!  That should be illegal - false advertising - stealing from an ignorant public. Instead, the government seems to aide and abet those sellers and poo-poo ozone which is the solution. Why? Who knows. Maybe because the incorrect use of an ozone air purifier can cause harm so they decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater?

Performance against particulates

You must remember that ozone generators do not remove particulate matter like dust or pollen (which are often allergens) from the air.

MY COMMENT: No, you must remember I've been blogging about the best way to clean indoor air for over 8 years now. In a nutshell, the best way to remove airborne particulate is by changing your MERV 11 furnace filter ever 3 weeks and running the fan in the "ON" position 24/7. Why? Your HVAC system filters all of the air in your home, by design, 2 times per hour. That 3000 CFM air moving capability is what it takes to remove airborne dust. Table top air purifiers like the Molekule have been proven to be a waste of money because they don't move enough air. Some larger air purifiers like Airpura can move a lot of air as proven by their CADR ratings. Interestingly, Molekule refuses to have their air purifier tested for CADR. Why? It doesn't move enough air purify anything more than a small bathroom I guess. (being generous, was going to say broom closet.)  

The EPA’s conclusion about effectiveness

The EPA concludes from a review of scientific research that at concentrations that meet public health standards, ozone is not very effective at removing indoor air contaminants.

MY COMMENT: Scientific research conducted in unoccupied areas with 600 ppb to 15,000 ppb will shows that all viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus, mites, you name it die and VOC's are broken down. It also shows that third hand smoke damage is broken down into tiny particles, removed from surfaces where they can off-gas for 30 years, and after they become airborne, they are unceremoniously shown the door (or window) and ushered out of the house, never to return, never to make people sick again. I even found an old study that found that using ozone shock treatments in public schools (yes, a long time ago before they black listed ozone) found that test scores increased and they had fewer absent days when they got rid of the toxic mold that was making the kids sick by using ozone at night. It's called sanitation. Ozone also makes musty places smell nice and fresh again. It's called odor remediation with a high concentration ozone shock treatment. It's not called using ambient air levels of ozone to clean the air. 

Can ozone generators remove odors?

The million dollar question for you might be whether ozone generators can remove odors from the air. That at least is what manufacturers claim to be the most common use for ozone generators in homes.

However, the evidence is mixed as to whether ozone generators can remove most odors from the air. As mentioned above, ozone generators may not work efficiently at all for gases, namely volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as it could take hundreds of years for this process. (at 100 ppb Einstein, sheesh. What about 10,000 ppb,. huh?) 

Yet, some research reviewed by Britigan, Alshawa, and Nizkorodov (2006) has shown that ozone may be effective for certain types of VOCs (namely, those containing unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds). These types of VOCs are found in cooking oils, air fresheners, cleaning agents, etc. However, there is a big downside: other dangerous byproducts like formaldehyde can be released into the air when ozone reacts with these substances.

COMMENT: Ozone also breaks down formaldehyde. I know this because air fresheners off-gas formaldehyde and some people are very sensitive to those toxic Febreze type cleaners and they need to use an ozone shock treatment to remove those toxins from the air. A professional ozone shock treatment using the protocol we suggest uses a break down process, on for 30 minutes, off for 1 hour, to break chemicals down. At the end of the process, negative pressure is used to draw in 100% fresh air and to force out all of the air that was ozonated. This is especially important when the ozone shock treatment was conducted to get rid of third hand smoke damage or VOC's from "Sick Home Syndrome" ….new home construction glues, etc. The idea is to break down the toxins that off-gas from surfaces, get them airborne, then show them the door. It takes a gas to defeat a gas. An air purifier won't do the job, like I often say, they just suck and blow your money. By the way, if you ever rent a home to an Indian family and find that the entire house smells like curry after they move out, don't go buy a Molekule to fix the problem. Oh no. That would be like throwing $800 in the shredder! You can however completely get rid of the curry odor with several ozone shock treatments! VIOLA! Curry gone. How can that be if ozone doesn't work? Can it be that ozone shock treatments do work at getting rid of odors and the anti-ozone crowd is just trying to sucker you into spending $800 on something that doesn't work?   

Here is another important point: What you might perceive as odor removal may just be façade. Odors in a room could be masked by the smell of ozone being released into the air. Many people who use ozone generators like the smell that is produced, describing it as a “clean sheet smell” or the smell of clothes fresh from the dryer (EPA, 1995). 

COMMENT: After you draw fresh air in after an ozone shock treatment, the air will still smell nice and fresh, but the air will actually be mostly fresh air you brought in from outside while flushing the house of the post-ozonated air. What you accomplished was killing mites, neutralizing dust mite feces, breaking down off-gassing VOC's and third hand smoke damage, killing any airborne or surface molds, bacteria, viruses, that's all.

If you perform a simple 30 minute ozone shock treatment the way I've done for years you don't have to flush the air out right away, especially if all you're really doing is killing the airborne and surface "bad guys" (bacteria, molds, viruses, fungus, mites, parasites) as well as kill any flies, moths or mesquites that might get trapped inside when the god particle gas known as ozone comes a calling! You need enough ozone to do the entire home at one time and utilize an always on HVAC fan to distribute the ozone everywhere, including the AC coils to keep them bacteria and mold free.  How much ozone do you need? If your home is 2000 sq ft you need 20,000 mg/h and a high powered 3000 CFM fan to get the job done. Our air 2000 sq ft air purification solution only cost $169 and get this, doesn't require any expensive replacement filters!  I know. I know. Selling that isn't going to make anyone wealthy. The money is made in $799 machines with expensive replacement filters don't you know! Oh yeah, with a PhD founder! They're especially good at helping a stupid and ignorant public on the best way to purify indoor air and remove odors and VOC's. Yeah, that's the ticket! 

Yes, "advertising can be powerful." There's a sucker born every second as the saying goes. But do you know what is more powerful? THE TRUTH!!!  It can set you free. Free of wasting your money. $799 to be exact, lol. ;-) 






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