Molekule Air Purifier Review.

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Molekule Air Purifier Review.

October 21, 2018

Molecule Air Purifier Review

Molekule is a new player in the crowded air purifier marketplace. They have some slick marketing augmented by 'white papers' they created to tout the effectiveness of their technology. However, their technology is nothing new and the same design flaws found in all table-top air purifiers exist within this unit, mainly, it's inability to move (and clean) any significant amount of air. 

In order to "filter" or "purify" air, you need to filter all of the air in the room several times per hour.  Table top air purifiers like the Molekule unit do not have the air moving capability to move the air near the roof or on the other side of the room into the unit so that it can be sanitized by the UV lamp and the filter.  Another problem, while people are moving around in a room every now and then, kicking up dust, even the most powerful air purifier won't be able to provide dust free - filtered air. I'm sure the small amount of air that goes inside this unit is purified, but that's just a drop of water into a dirty pond. If you don't believe me, and you own this or any air purifier, turn your cell phone flashlight on when it's dark within a few feet of your air purifier. What do you see? Tons of dust swirling around, right?  Right.  

Do you know what does work? A 3000 CFM air handler (HVAC SYSTEM) with maybe an induct 72W (two 36 watt) UV system and MERV 11 furnace filters. That type of unit will filter all of the air in your house two times per hour, as I've said many times in my blog posts. That's how you want to deal with dust and airborne toxins. The only thing that an HVAC system won't do is kill mites, neutralize their droppings, kill surface mold, bacteria, and viruses, or remove second hand smoke damage. You'll need to perform ozone shock treatments to accomplish those feats. What if you don't have an HVAC system? I will be blogging on a solution in the near future, as we are going to start selling a solution for just that problem. (stay tuned!)  

More about this and other table top air purifiers and why they're such a waste of money (This small unit cost $800).  This unit isn't rated by AHAM like other air purifiers. That organization tests air purifiers to expose their clean air delivery rate (CADR) What you'll find with most air purifiers, like the ones they sell at Costco, the Winex Plasmawave air purifiers, they are only rated to clean the air in rooms up to 450 sq fee and then ONLY when run in the "turbo" setting which is very very loud! How loud? Airplane coming in to land and flying over your house loud! So loud you can't sleep, so loud you can't watch TV, in other words, it basically creates noise pollution on high. Subsequently, those types of air purifiers are only used in the low setting and are basically worthless at cleaning the air, hence my belief that air purifiers are a waste of money.

Here is a side by side test the Allen air purifier company made of their product vs the Molekule in an air tight smoke test chamber. These are the types of chambers real air purifiers are tested inside of by AHAM for CADR numbers, and Allen isn't even one of the top air purifiers according to CADR data, but it smokes the Molekule unit, that's for sure. (see video in YouTube

In summary, from where I sit, this unit doesn't move enough air, it's not rated by AHAM so we don't know the CADR, and it's over priced due to the expensive marketing campaign that is needed in order to get traction in this crowed space.

Forever Ozone doesn't spend a cent on marketing or advertising. We rely on happy customers, low prices, great products, and organic search results to make a living, and we pass those savings on to our customers. I honestly want to create products and provide free advice that helps our customers clean their indoor air and water for that matter. I don't think that having clean air to breath should be expensive, and I object to the Corporate globalist International Corporations that push expensive (and ineffective) replacement filters and electricity wasting products on an ignorant public. 

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