December 02, 2015


Legionnaires disease is on the rise, although it's not widely known or reported.  The media was fixated on Ebola if you remember a while back, even though that disease was fairly hard to contract.  Legionnaires, on the other hand, can travel long distances in the air and is easy to contract (breathing in the bacteria on water droplets in the air).  I've never read any news media recommend an ozone shock treatment within an AC or swamp cooler and or living area that might be susceptible to the bacteria to quickly and thoroughly kill the potentially deadly micro-organisms ..why is that?  The answer is complex.  I believe the problem lies in the "do it yourself" nature of ozone.  People can buy a fairly low priced machine and achieve the same results as a $1000 service from a contractor. Secondly, some people out there don't have the mental capacity to do it themselves or use common sense and they can end up hurting themselves and or their family and pets by using a shock treatment ozone generator as an air purifier in occupied areas. Ozone is like water. It's great, but in high concentrations, even DRINKING WATER CAN BE DEADLY.  Does that me we shouldn't drink water? Of course not, unless you want to die!  Same goes for ozone. 


Ever since I discovered ozone years back, I haven't gotten sick once, neither have my kids. Before we were always catching some kind of lung infection and my young kids were always getting runny noses and sinus infections.  It's remarkable what happens when you sterilize your indoor air and flood your body with oxygen!  It's not that complicated really. It's actually quite simple and logical as Spock would say. What isn't so simple is getting the word out about ozone. For now, it will remain a secret. A secret that will bless the lives of a select few.  I strongly feel that ozone is the blood above the doorway if you will that will prevent a very small percentage of the population from succumbing to future biological outbreaks and or germ warfare that I feel will surely come our way at some point in the future, from an enemy within or from external enemies, who knows. All I do know is that the many wonderful benefits of ozone are not even close to being fully utilized, and that's unlikely to change soon, especially in the United States. 

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