I love Facebook Private Groups - But not Facebook. (I'm no longer on F

I love Facebook Private Groups - But not Facebook. (I'm no longer on Facebook)

October 12, 2018

I love Facebook Private Groups - But not Facebook. (I'm no longer on Facebook)

I personally know dozens of people who are members of Facebook private groups for everything from alternative health - wellness to mites and mold abatement groups. Those folks pass along information I share with them (and info about our ozone machines) to their respective groups, privately, and I find those groups a very helpful way of getting great information.   

I personally haven't used Facebook for a few years now.  I got into Facebook late, about 5 years ago, and really never used it much. I got Forever Ozone into Facebook a few years ago and struggled to make posts. Last week I took a look (after months of neglect) and seen I had some questions I didn't answer. I felt bad. I keep up with emails and website questions daily but Facebook I was neglecting, so I decided it would be best if I delete my personal Facebook account as well as my business Facebook account. 

I have never been a social media kinda guy. I like face to face or phone conversations with my friends and customers, and I don't feel the need to put my daily movements, thoughts, or data on the Internet for the world to see. (and for Facebook to sell)  I know in this day and age, an Internet business they say "has" to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ironically, businesses around the USA don't feel a need to pick up the phone and talk to their customers! Isn't that something? The average US business - all over social media - hires folks to post things on social media day and night BUT doesn't hire people to answer the phone? Has the world gone crazy? Nobody likes to jump through the hoops of an automated system. Nobody!  It's not personal, it's a cold, heart-less machine. You never know if or when your complaint or question was answered. I guess the average business doesn't believe in the Golden Rule. 

Bottom line, I guess I'm just old fashioned. I treat people the way I like to be treated. I like to talk to a human when I call a business, so that's what I do in my business - pick up and answer the phone. That doesn't leave me much time to post on Social Media. So the choice had to be made, answer the phone or spend my day communicating on Social Media via keystrokes, copy and paste, and marketing sales pitches. I choose human to human contact with my customers knowing full well the cold-heartless "machine" that is the Internet and Search Engines will not be pleased with my decision. Oh well!  So long Facebook!  I wish I could say I'm going to miss you, but I don't like to lie. 

PS. I am going to start making YouTube videos for all of our products starting next week!  I do see a value in making online manuals and more importantly installation instructions for our industrial box fan kits. 

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