Hybrid Ozone Air Purifier Now Available.

Hybrid Ozone Air Purifier Now Available.

April 17, 2019

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Due to popular demand, we are now selling a shock treatment ozone generator with a repeat cycle timer that effectively turns it into an ozone air purifier on the "down low."  Technically, this is still a commercial ozone shock treatment ozone machine because it can still be used in that manner, but the special timer makes it a hybrid.  Because of the way it is designed, this is the safest and best ozone air purifier on the market. Here's why:

1) It doesn't look like a traditional air purifier. (No filters, no fancy digital display, no fancy cabinet, etc)  It looks more like a science experiment than an air purifier! Nobody will find this unit on your cabin shelf, mistake it for an air purifier, and do their lungs harm by running it full blast while they sleep. (the main way people get harmed by ozone air purifiers - while they sleep) 

2) The Repeat Cycle Timer that comes with this unit allows you to cut it on for x amount of seconds every x amount of minutes. In this way, you can fine tune exactly how much ozone you want released into the air to eat up cooking odors, pet odors, second hand smoke odors etc. We've found that 5 seconds on, three minutes off will keep the air in a musty room up to 700 square feet smelling mountain fresh without raising the ozone concentration above .005 ppm.  Mountain air has about 2 times more ozone, and people who live in the mountains live longer and have faster metabolisms (according to research), so having some ozone in your otherwise clean indoor air is a good way to promote good health and prevent any airborne viruses, bacteria, molds, or fungus from making you sick. A small amount of ozone in the air will also keep mosquitoes and fly's away, they hate ozone, even a tiny amount! 

This unit can also perform "ozone shock treatments" in rooms up to 350 sq ft to permanently remove odors, so it's a hybrid. You can go 10-400 milligrams of ozone per hour by tweaking the Repeat Cycle Timer or you can go the full 3500 mg/h and shock a large sided room, car, RV, etc.  RC timers sell for $30 to $40, a bit pricy, but the cost for this versatile ozone generator with a lifetime warranty, made in the USA is only $79.99. Get it while you can!  We have limited supplies. (Should sell out by May.) 

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