February 12, 2015

how ozone kills pathogens

When you have a viral or bacterial infection, everyone in the know can agree that oxygen is one of the most important things your body needs to heal tissue and fight the disease. Ozone, or three oxygen atoms, is toxic to viruses but harmless to your cells and has even been shown to boost immune function. With bacteria, ozone heals the body by puncturing the membrane of the bacteria, causing it to "blow up" and spill its contents. With viruses, ozone destroys the virus's outer shell and wreaks havoc on the RNA and DNA of the virus so that it dies or can no longer reproduce. Ozone is actually 10 times faster than chlorine at killing germs, yet it's harmless to the surrounding cells. Our bodies are made to handle oxygen; however, they're not prepared to handle the lack of oxygen. 






We're lucky to have the right to self-administer ozone to ourselves and our families at this time. I believe there will come a day when that reason no longer exists, and we'll be forced to rely on mandated vaccines and pharma drugs to address illness, even vitamins will be regulated in the future the way things are progressing, or should I say digressing.  


Speaking of Ebola, I recently took some time to examine the US PATENT ON EBOLA and to consider the ramifications. It looks to me like a worldwide Ebola pandemic is coming.  The poor people of Africa who are guinea pigs for all types of "free" vaccines and experiments were probably INFECTED with Ebola, whether on purpose or by mistake, I don't know.  Will an Ebola vaccine someday be mandated for air travel?  Could government's use this to control the movements of their citizens or force detention?  I believe everyone should do their research on any health-related issue and NEVER put their faith and trust in what I believe is an "on the take" medical establishment that puts profits before cures. I don't want people to believe one word I say either, why should you? It's not my job (your health), it's your job and responsibility. Please, act accordingly.  

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