March 29, 2017


HEPA air purifiers only suck and blow your money.  Here's the proof:   


  1. HEPA air purifiers don't move enough air to do the job.  Most HEPA air purifiers only move a few hundred cubic feet a minute of air. Compare that to your furnace filters that are powered by air handlers that move over 3000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and are designed to change the air in your home two times an hour.  For dust removal, a good MERV 11 furnace filter that only cost $5-$6 on eBay is all you need to address dust issues.  (if you buy 12 at a time)  Just run your HVAC fan in the "on" position 24/7. HVAC system fans are energy efficient so will cost you the same amount as most air purifiers, around $10 a month extra. 

  2. HEPA air purifiers don't kill airborne viruses, molds, bacteria. They do trap them inside the machine where it's dark and sometimes moist and let them grow.  They claim they do, but that's a joke.  They can't filter them because they don't move enough air to get the dirty air from point A near the roof to point B, the air purifier. Ozone quickly kills these airborne pathogens rapidly, efficiently, and without taking you to the cleaner! 

  3. HEPA air purifiers don't sanitize surfaces and kill dust mites. The air purifier salespeople (less honest than used car salespeople) will try and sell you a soup sandwich and tell you that ozone is harmful (so is water if you drink too much, you can die) but guess what? Ozone shock treatments are performed in unoccupied rooms!  The ozone does its thing; kill bugs, micro-pathogens, parasites, and anything else that's bad for your health while all the money wasting air purifier in the corner does is suck and blow money!  I know Corporate America loves HEPA filters because they're cheap to make and cost a fortune and hates ozone because it's free to create and improves our health (I think they own Pharma stock LOL).   

  4. HEPA air purifiers cause noise pollution.  Look, if you have allergies, it's because of years of dust mite crap getting kicked up and floating around every time you walk, or molds, or other harmful things in the air that an air purifier can't address! (too much air that needs to be sanitized, not enough air moving capability plus moving around continually kicks up more dust!)  All you need to do is to air your home out when it's nice outside, keep up with cleaning, and run your HVAC system 24/7 to address dust issues, and last but not least, PERFORM REGULAR OZONE SHOCK TREATMENTS TO SANITIZE YOUR AIR!

Why am I writing this article? I just did a search for "ozone generator" on google and found the #1 site (and many top 10 sites) are selling air purifiers and trying to convince folks that ozone generators are dangerous and ineffective. They want you to spend $1000's a year on a worthless machine that won't even remove as much dust from your home as a $6 furnace filter! RIP-OFF! I believe that air cleaners do more harm than good.  Why? They emit high EMF fields - awful for your health, and most people hang out near then which in the long run is terrible for our well being.   Better idea, perform ozone shock treatments when nobody is home and air our your home as much as possible, and by all means, get out and enjoy some clean, fresh air as much as you can!  Problem solved. 

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